Watercolor Techniques| 8 Best Hacks

 Watercolor technique| 8 best hacks

Here we are revealing 8 best watercolor techniques for beginners. You will be familiar with specific techniques to give an ideal look to your painting. Below we presents 8 best watercolor techniques for you as beginner in painting. These watercolor techniques will prove as point keys for painting. Watercolor techniques will give some understanding of basic tricks to painting.

Sharpen with a precision knife:

watercolor techniques | pencil sharpening

Watercolor pencils cannot be sharpened with common sharpeners because these pencils are so delicate and can’t bear these types of sharp blades. Watercolor pencils can be sharpened with a hobby knife that has many types of special blades.

Store and carry pencils in a box:

Store and carry pencils in box | Watercolor Techniques

After using, store pencils by binding together with a rubber band and brushes in a special box, which should be dry and clean. The plastic box is better than the fabric pencil case because the fabric case cannot provide good protection.

Experiment with different watercolor techniques:

experiment with different techniques

Try to use a different type of  watercolor technique and experiment. As everyone knows about its experiment needs time, it’s time taking.

Many people need guidance to perform different types of experiments. Experiments need practice and practice always makes a man perfect. Three techniques are given below.

 1)First Draw on dry paper and then add water:

Poring water| watercolor techniques

In this watercolor technique, first, you should use pencils just like you use normal colored pencils on your artwork. After this apply a small amount of water on a paper sheet with the help of a brush. After this, you can create different types of effects and can also blend colors easily.

2) Create swatches on a separate piece of paper:

swatches on paper| watercolor techniques


This method is also very easy to use. Try to create a different type of pattern on a separate piece of paper. Then you should be able to use this as a plotter. In this way, you can color this small palette by adding water. This method is greatly used in filling because the filling can be easily done by this method. You can also do this by mixing different types of colors.

3) Spray water onto your drawing:

spraying water | watercolor techniques

It’s better to spray water with the help of a brush or spray bottle because to create a soft impact on your artwork this method has so much importance and that will leads to a beautiful image. To create a soft lining on your work this is a very easy method.

Outdoor painting tips

Painting is a very creative art. Try to work in a fresh or natural environment that has very good effects because nature refreshes us a lot. In this way, many ideas came to our minds that lead to good artwork.

Benefits of using water brush

water brush

Use of water brush is also among the best watercolor techniques. Different types of water brushes which have different shapes can be used in different ways. Because different barrels are present on these brushes, by squeezing these barrels you can add water or colored paint to your artwork. You can also use this brush by mixing water and color.

Choose paper of good quality:

watercolor techniques| good quality paper

You have to use a paper of good quality which can hold out against different techniques of watercolor. Because good quality paper prevents it from deforming. If you will use low-quality paper then your paper will be warping and cannot bear water application and different types of artwork techniques. You should use at least 185gsm watercolor stock.

Start light and finish dark

Watercolor art is not easy to use for everyone; it needs techniques that lead to a beautiful painting. In this method, we have to use both lighter and darker shades. The use of light and dark color is so important in every painting because they are the crucial components of any picture. As we know that the medium of watercolor is semi-transparent. Due to this reason, we should use light color first and after applying lighter shades then we should use darker tunes in our painting. These are also best watercolor techniques to follow.

Create creative textures:

watercolor techniques| good quality paper

There are numerous methods to add effects and texture to the artwork. It’s fun to play with a different type of colors. Using sandpaper is one of the best in watercolor techniques. In the sandpaper technique, use sandpaper on wood and wait to let particles that are on wood transformed onto watercolor art that will create natural effects on suitable objects like trees, petals, and sepals. Toothbrush and paintbrush can be used to create flip paint and droplets on the picture or artwork.

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