Watercolor Paintings | 3 Best Ideas for Beginner

3 Best Watercolor Painting Ideas For  Beginners

There are some easy steps about watercolor paintings that may help a lot, especially for beginners.
1. First of all paper should be of good quality that cannot be deformed by the application of water. Because of water coloring, the application of water is so much important. Try to use good quality brushes and colors that have a long-lasting effect on your artwork.
2. If you are feeling that there is some water on the edges or corners of paper then soak it with the help of a brush or with a tissue. So that excess water will be removed.

Here are three basic watercolor paintings ideas for beginners. Here are simply described watercolor paintings ideas by following them you can start your day in painting.

Watercolor Paintings

Create sky | Watercolor Paintings steps

1:  To create the sky in the painting, apply a blue color on the paper. But keep it in mind use more color on the upper side of the paper then lower side. When you dip brush in color two or three times or according to your need the upper side of the paper or sky should be dark blue and the lower side should be light blue.
2: During brushing, if you’re feeling that there is an excessive color on the brush then simply rinse your brush on a paper towel, and then you can easily blend the rest of the page. If you are feeling that there is no desired color then repeat this process.
3:  After drying, apply a thin layer of water with the help of a brush. Then repeat the same process as above. Press tissue paper on different spots to create clouds. If you want lighter clouds then press tissue paper twice.
iv. Apply yellow color on the lower side of the paper and apply some green colored dots so that picture will seem like trees.
 Sunset painting

watercolor paintingsi. The second number in  watercolor paintings ideas is about to create a sunset. First of all, apply a blue color to the top of the paper and color it about half of the paper. The upper side of the paper should be darker and the lower side should be in light blue.

ii. Then apply red color on the lower half from the bottom side and then slightly blend into blue color. After blending upward than start to blend on the lower side of the paper.
You should have to be the middle of the lower half darker.

iii. When the painting got dried then apply a thin layer of water. Apply the same process again by applying red on the lower middle and then apply orange color on the upper side of the red line to make a transition between orange and red.

iv. Now mix black and red color to make mountains. Make mountains of light and dark colors to make shadow also.

Because when mountains will be of both colors then the shadow will be shown clearly. Then apply some light blue color on the lower bottom side to create a lake.
Night sky painting:

watercolor paintingsi. First of all, color the blue painting as in the first painting but in this painting, there is no need for light color on the lower side of the paper as in the first painting. No problem if it will be in a bright color.
ii. To intensify the night sky in painting, wait for about one hour then apply some water on the paper. Make a mixture of Blue-green and red color to make a dark blue color.

Then apply the dark blue color from top to bottom. Start to apply from the top. The upper half side should be darker than the lower side.
iii. Apply the black color to make mountains on the lower side of the painting.
Sprinkle white color with the help of bristle brush on the upper side of the paper that will be converted into stars. Then night sky painting will be ready.

Click here to watch full video tutorial on watercolor paintings ideas for beginners:

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