Unique Metal Rose Showpiece Crafts Ideas

 Metal Rose showpiece craft

Metal Rose


Table of Contents

  1. Metal Rose description

  2. Complete procedure to make this unique showpiece

              2.1 Required tools for metal rose

              2.2 step by step guidance

  1. Important preventions during preparations

  2. FAQs related to Metal Rose craft

 Metal rose description

Today we are presenting to you unique metallic rose showpiece craft. Metal rose is a unique creation of an artistic mind.  We will make this beautiful and outstanding looking showpiece crafts by simply using some metallic scrapes. It gives a rich, nice and elegant look when it is used for decorative purposes. Usually, it is placed inside a showcase.


 Complete procedure | Complete guide to make metallic rose

Just like the other readers, you are also thinking about the process of making a metal rose. Since you are curious to learn how we can make a metal rose. It is so easy to turn metal into a rose.

Now the question arises how it is possible to without having any professional polished skills? Well, you will get your answer as we are going to discuss the throughout process here. Let’s start to create a metal rose.

Required tools

Here are some necessary and basic tools that we will use to create a metal rose. You just need to use them carefully.

  1. The first and foremost tool that requires is metal. Alternatively, you can use the metal sheet of some old heater.
  2. Round stock 5 mm mild
  3. Pliers
  4. Drilling machine
  5. Nails
  6. Hammer
  7. Metal cutter
  8. Welding machine
  9. Metal shiner
  10. Iron compass

  Step by step guidance |20 easy and basic steps


1: Take a round stock of 5mm mild. Try to turn it at 8cm length with the Hammer strokes.

2:Now put the round stock in the iron cutter and cut it with the help of the cutter.


3: Now take the metal sheet. Draw circles of 4cm radius with an iron compass.

4: Cut the circle shapes out of the thin metal sheet.

5: Mark a point in the center of each circle by using a nail and hammer.

6: By using a drilling machine, make a hole at each marked point.


7: Now prepare flower petals as shown in the figure.

8) Compress and set all flower petals with hammer strokes. Make sure to create marks at the end of each petal.

9) Revise step no 8 with each flower.


10) Now draw a star shape on a metal sheet using a marker.

11) Cut out the star shape from the sheet.

12) Now fold its five corners to the inner side. Try until the following shape prepares.

13) Make a hole in the center of the star.



14) Now take a piece of 10-inch round stock.

15) Try to plain and shine its 3 cm long from one side.

16) Now adjust star and flowers respectively on the round stock



17) Follow the figure and fold the ending side of round stock by welding machine. This will not let the plates and stars to come out from round stock.

18) Now, using heat and welding machine, turn innermost petal inside. Revise this step for each petal.

19) At the end, turn the star to the opposite side.

20) Now shine the prepared flower with shiner so it may give an attractive look. Unique metallic rose showpiece craft is ready now.

Important preventions during Preparations

Here are some precautions and instructions while making a metal rose.

4) Important instructions

1) Always use gloves while you are doing the same metalwork.

2) Wear a dress that covers your body including arms.

3) You can save yourself by wearing toed shoes.

4) Cover your ears.

5) Cover your face.

6) Stay well away from welding fumes.

7) Don’t use a welding machine or drilling machine without gloves.

5)  FAQ related to metallic rose crafts

 1) How to Arrange metal sheet for metal metal crafts 

Ans: Go to the iron store or the shop for spare parts. It will easily available there at low rates.

2) Should I take the risk to prepare it myself?

Ans: If you are a blacksmith or skilled worker, then there is no issue. Otherwise, try to make it under experienced supervision.

3) I am professionally a welder worker. I am experienced with most tools. Still, I heed any supervision? Necessarily not, but take extra care to save yourself from any danger/damage.

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