Umbrella Frock| Umbrella Frock With Trendy Sleeves

Umbrella Frock: Here we are going to design a high low stylish full umbrella frock. The sleeves of this frock are also trendy and beautiful. The steps and requirements mentioned in this session are very easy to understand. Just keeps following these described steps and definitely, you will be on your point.

Requirements of stitching a frock

Check out the given required tools and access them to start cutting and stitching.

  • Linen fabric 3 meters
  • Measuring tape
  • Chalk
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine

Step by step guidelines for cutting and stitching

Here is given a complete guide for the cutting and stitching process of an umbrella frock. Read out the given instructions carefully. Follow the simple procedure. And prepare a trendy frock.

Umbrella Frock Step 1

Umbrella Frock| Umbrella Frock With Trendy Sleeves

In the first step, we are going to cut the fabric that will be used in the stitching process. The total piece of linen fabric is 3 meters. Using scissors cut it into two equal pieces. The length and width of the fabric are equal to 38 inches.

Fold both pieces in a triangular shape. Put both pieces one above the other. Mark shoulder at one corner of triangular shape. The shoulder is 5 inches. Cut the piece from the marked point. Now cut the cloth according to the following measurements.

Armhole= 8 inches

Neck width = 3 inches

Chest = 10 inches

Neck deep = 2 inches

After proper cutting, you can see the cloth in the above-given picture.

Umbrella Frock Step 2

Umbrella Frock| Umbrella Frock With Trendy Sleeves

In the second step of the preparation of the umbrella frock, open the four layers of fabric. You will see the two parts of the backside. Join these parts from the center while stitching. Stitch from the wrong side of both pieces. And turn it out.

Now attach the shoulders of the shirt. Take a piece of cloth. Measure its length. Mark at 17.5 inches. Attach this fabric to the back bottom. We are going to attach it to enlarge the backside. You can see the attached piece of cloth from the given picture.

Umbrella Frock Step 3

Umbrella Frock| Umbrella Frock With Trendy Sleeves

In the third step, continue the cutting and sewing process. Cut the back bottom of the shirt in a rounded shape. Measure the length of the backside. Mark at the point of 47.5 inches. The length of each rounded point must be 47.5 inches. Then you will get the exact round shape. Cut it from the marked round. Open neck measurement is 4 inches. Attach the remaining lower part of the front side. As you can see from the picture of step 3.

Umbrella Frock Step 4

Umbrella Frock| Umbrella Frock With Trendy Sleeves

In the fourth step, prepare the neck of the frock. Make a neck ribbon. The length of the ribbon is 56 inches and the width is 2 inches. By stitching, attach it across the neck. Tie a knot to both endings of the ribbon.

It’s time to cut the sleeves. Measure the cloth for sleeves. The length and width of the sleeves are 11 inches. The bottom of the sleeves is 7 inches. Cut the sleeves according to the measurement. Double fold the sleeves from the front side. Attach the sleeves to the shoulders as shown in the picture of step 4.

Umbrella Frock Step 5

Umbrella Frock| Umbrella Frock With Trendy Sleeves

In the fifth step, start the designing of sleeves. Make four strips for each sleeve. The length of the single strip is 26 inches. The width is 2 inches. Join the four strips from the center in a way that the center of each strip is the same. Look at the given picture.

Umbrella Frock Step 6

Umbrella Frock| Umbrella Frock With Trendy Sleeves

Attach these joined strips to the bottom of the sleeves. Prepare both sleeves in the same way. Tie each strip from its tail. You can see the final gorgeous look from the final picture.

A beautiful trendy high low umbrella frock is ready now. You can prepare it not only for your kids but also for yourself. Watch below the complete video session for more explained steps.

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