Tree drawing guide in 5 Easy Steps

Tree Drawing: Trees are the most important part of the planet and also have a great impact on human life. life. They provide us oxygen that is most important for us. They provide us food for living and shelter from environmental fluctuations. We can’t count the benefits of trees.

Trees are the biggest gift for living organisms. According to a health point of view, they act as pollutant absorber and are also used for medicinal purposes. If we sit just a minute around the tree, our blood pressure can drops, heart rate drops and you can also reduce your stress level as well.

Here we are going to make an amazing and unique drawing of a tree. Just follow the below-described details and strat drawing with us.

Required material For Tree drawing:

The required material is simple. There is no expensive material used in this drawing. Everything that is used is easily accessible to everyone.

  • Drawing board
  • Cartridge paper
  • Art line pencil 8B, 10B
  • Staedtler 8B pencil
  • Eraser
  • Blending stump
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Tissue paper

Step by step guidelines:

Here we have described completely step by step guidelines for beginners. Carefully follow each step. All steps are given below.

 Tree Drawing Step 1

Tree drawing

 First of all set the paper. Take a pencil in the art line 10B and start drawing trees. Start from the lower side of the paper and draw the tree trunk. The tree trunk should be broad in size. Then draw the main stem and branches of the tree. Also, draw the sub-branches again and again. Carefully follow the above figure and the sketch of the tree.

Tree Drawing Step 2 

Tree drawing          

Now fill color in the tree trunk and stem of the tree on the left side. Now draw very small and thin leaves on the tree branches toward the left side of the tree. Also, thick the lining of the stem. Now fill dark color on the upper side of the tree trunk.

Move to the lower side of the tree trunk, draw a network of lines. These lines are the bark of trees. Due to this lining, it will look like the real bark of a tree.

Tree Drawing Step 3

Tree drawing

In this step, move toward the right side of the tree trunk. Fill dark color on the right side of the tree trunk. Shades in all tree stem and their branches. Try to shade darker.

Draw very thin leaves with each stem and also their sub-branches. Leaves should be in the form of clusters. Follow the above figure for better understanding.

Tree Drawing Step 4

Tree drawing

After drawing the leaves of the tree, now move to the next step. In this step, draw the fruit. Draw small and circular shaped fruit on the tree. You can see the above in the figure.

 Tree Drawing Step 5

Tree drawing

Now move to the ground part. Draw some thick lines on the ground part. Keep in mind, the tree is on the upper part of the ground. Draw mounds of soil around the tree base. Mounds act as a barrier during climate fluctuations. Slightly shades on the ground part.

After this draw some small plants around the tree. After this, take a Staedtler 8B pencil and thick all outlines of the tree including branches and sub-branches. Also, thick the outlines on the ground part.

Finally, the tree drawing is ready to see. Also shown above in figure.

Instructions regarding Tree drawing:

Some basic instructions are given below here. These tips and instructions are specially described for beginners.

  • The first and basic instruction during drawing is that your drawing should be evident. Try to avoid smudging. Use rough paper or tissue paper to get rid of this problem. Smudging can destroy the neatness of drawing.
  • Need to know about the quality of pencils. Try to choose the pencil of the best quality for better and need results.
  • You will need to know about the basic techniques of line drawing and shading.




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