Sunflower Drawing | Easy Drawings For Kids Class 1

Sunflower Drawing: Drawing or sketching is an amazing art. It is a mind refreshing activity and helps to solve many social problems. An artist can record anything on his paper through sketching or drawing.

Today we are going to make an eye-catching sunflower drawing and color. This drawing session is specially designed for beginners.

Required material For sunflower drawing:

The required equipment is simple and easily available to everyone. There are no expensive accessories required for this. The required material is given below in detail.

  • Drawing board
  • Drawing paper
  • DOMS ( Zoom ultimate dark) pencil
  • Eraser
  • Scale
  • Pencil sharpener.
  • Diamond color pencil
  • Faber castle (Classic color) pencil ( yellow, orange, yellow-green, brown, dark brown, and black.       

Sunflower Drawing Step 1

Sunflower Drawing | Learn Amazing Drawing Ideas

First of all set the paper on the drawing board. Draw a round-shaped circle. Then draw a vertical line inside the circle. After this draw a horizontal line. Then draw two cross lines inside this circle. The purpose of these lines is that ray florets will be in proper manners. Follow the above figure 

Sunflower Drawing Step 2

Sunflower Drawing | Learn Amazing Drawing Ideas

In the second step of drawing, draw a small oval or egg shape circle in the center of the big circle. Then draw the ray florets of a sunflower. Ray florets should remain inside the circle. So that they will be equal in size. Also shown in the above figure.

Sunflower Drawing Step 3

Sunflower Drawing | Learn Amazing Drawing Ideas


After drawing petals, erase the additional lines around petals. Now draw a straight line with a scale. Then draw two broad leaves on both sides with their petioles. Follow the above figure.

Sunflower Drawing Step 4

Sunflower Drawing | Learn Amazing Drawing Ideas

 In this step, apply orange color too thick the outlines of ray florets. Also color in the base of ray florets.Shades yellow color in ray florets.

After this, move to the disc floret and apply colors to it. First, apply a yellow color on the edges of the disc. Then apply yellow-green in the center of the disc. Now take brown color and draw stamens inside the disc. You can also see above.

Sunflower Drawing Step 5

Sunflower Drawing | Learn Amazing Drawing Ideas

In this step thick the outline of disc flower with dark brown color. Now take yellow-green color and shades in the stem and half sides of leaves. Then apply green color to leaves and blend these two colors properly. Also shown above in figure.

Sunflower Drawing Step 6

Sunflower Drawing | Learn Amazing Drawing Ideas

In this step, give the final outlook to leaves. Draw the main vein and then draw its sub – veins. Then thick the outlines of leaves with a black pencil. Finally, the drawing of the sunflower with a pencil sketch is ready to see. You can see above in the image.

Watch below the full video tutorial for more explanation of these steps.

Instructions regarding Sunflower drawing: 

  • If you are a beginner, some important instructions you should keep in mind during drawing.
  • You have to know about the basic skills of drawing. For example, you should know how to work with edges and how to draw shadows, light, angles, and spaces on the page.
  • Properly blend colors. Good blending of colors is most important. It gives wonderful look to the drawing.
  • You have to know about your pencil. The pencil should be of good quality.
  • Try to avoid smudging, because it can completely reshape the drawing.

Benefits of sunflower:

Sunflower plant has a lot of benefits.  These flowers are not just for ornamental purposes. They have so many advantages. It helps in detoxify the contaminated soil. Due to this flower, many bees ate attracted which is so beneficial. It can be also used as cooking oil.

Why it’s seeds are important?

Their seeds has also wonderful health benefits. Sunflower seeds have a wide range of vitamins and minerals. It contains vitamin B which is adequate for the nervous system. A considerable amount of vitamin E, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and protein.


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