Sleeves Cutting | Trendy Sleeves Easy cutting ideas

Sleeves Cutting: Here we are going to prepare the easiest trendy sleeves for 2021. Follow the given requirements and guidance to learn new techniques and new styles of sleeves cutting.

Required material for cutting and stitching

  • Cloth ( blue, grey)
  • Chalk
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine

Step by step guidance for sleeves Cutting

Sleeves Cutting Step 1

Sleeves Cutting| Trendy Sleeves cutting ideas

The first step is the step of cutting sleeves. Start cutting by using chalk, measuring tape, and scissors. Measure the length of the sleeves. It is 19.5 inches. Now measure the width of the sleeves. The width of the sleeves is 19 inches.

Cut the sleeves from the backside. While cutting, remember that the bottom of the sleeves is 8 inches required. Cut the sleeves from each side as shown in the picture. Follow the given picture to cut in the best way,

Sleeves Cutting Step 2

Sleeves Cutting| Trendy Sleeves cutting ideas

In the second step of preparing trendy sleeves, prepare a strip with buckram. Measure the width of the buckram using a measuring tape. Mark 0.5 inch width. Cut the buckram from the marked point. The length of the buckram is according to the requirement.

Take a blue piece of cloth. Then cut a strip out of this cloth. The length of the strip is equal to the buckram. While the width is more than the width of a buckram. Iron the buckram on the cloth strip. Attach it with a cloth. You can see the attached buckram from both sides of the given picture.

Sleeves Cutting Step 3

Sleeves Cutting| Trendy Sleeves cutting ideas

In this step, take a grey piece of cloth. The length and width of the grey piece are equal to the blue strip. Place the grey piece under the blue strip. Stitch from the sides of buckram. Also, stitch from the right and left side. All the pieces are attached. You can see from the given picture of step 3.

Sleeves Cutting Step 4

Sleeves Cutting| Trendy Sleeves cutting ideas

In the fourth step, complete the preparation of the strip. Take a needle or any stick. Turn the inner side to the outer side by using the needle. After turning to the right side, press it gently. Now iron this strip. After ironing, the strip is plain from both sides. The one side is blue. While the other is grey. Blue and grey create a wonderful contrast.

Using measuring tape, fold the strip from 2 inches. In the same way, having the same distance, create more foldings in the prepared strip. Press the foldings from hands or using an iron. Create “V” shaped foldings. Look at the given picture to see the created strip and folding.

Sleeves Cutting Step 5

Sleeves Cutting| Trendy Sleeves cutting ideas

In the fifth step of stitching, fold the bottom of the sleeves. Double fold it to the inner side. Stitch the folded layers. Now put the “V” shaped strip to the inner side. Attach the strip with sleeves bottom. See the attached strip from the given picture.

Sleeves Cutting Step 6

Sleeves Cutting| Trendy Sleeves cutting ideas

Take a blue strip of cloth. Cut a buckram of 0.5-inch width. Paste the buckram on a blue strip. Use an iron to attach it. Put this buckram attached strip on the right side of the bottom of the sleeve. Fold the extra piece of strip to the inner side and stitch it. Now, fold the other extra side of the blue strip. Stitch it with a sewing machine. The blue stripe has been attached from both sides. Look at the given picture.

Sleeves Cutting Step 7

Sleeves Cutting| Trendy Sleeves cutting ideas

It is the last step in designing trendy sleeves. Prepare two more blue strips the same as in step 6. Mark two points at a distance of 1.5 inches. Use chalk for marking. At the marked distance, attach two strips as told in step 6. Stitch the sleeves according to the fitting. See the ready sleeves from the given picture.

The beautiful, easiest, and trendy sleeves have been prepared. Watch below the step by steps process for easy understanding.


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