Skull Drawing | How to Draw a Skull in 6 Easy Steps

Skull Drawing: Here we are going to draw a realistic skull with crossbones. The horror drawing is full of fun not only for kids but also for the lovers of horror effects.

Requirements for the drawing of a skull

Here is given the list of required tools for a skull drawing. The tools are easy and less in number. You can easily afford this material.

  • Drawing paper
  • Drawing board
  • Lead pencil
  • Black marker/ black pointer
  • Black pencil color
  • Light brown pencil color

Easy steps Guidance

Here we have given a detailed and comprehensive description of a unique skull drawing. Read out the thorough process of drawing. Get the best understanding and start to draw a skull full of horror.

Skull Drawing Step 1

Skull Drawing | Learn Amazing Drawing Skills Free

In the first step of drawing, use a black marker to draw the structure of the skull. If you can’t draw accurate lines, you can draw with a lead pencil. Then you can trace it with a pointer or a marker. Start drawing the big eye outline on the right and left side.

Now draw two lines to the lower side of each eye bone. In the center of the eyes, draw two nose bones according to the picture. Follow the given picture of step 1 for the best start of a drawing.

Skull Drawing Step 2

Skull Drawing | Learn Amazing Drawing Skills Free

In the second step of drawing a realistic skull, draw the bones lines of right and left-sided cheeks. Join the cheekbones with the upper teeth bone line. Enlarge the eye bones to the upper side of the skull by drawing a line.

Draw the outermost line of the head. It is circular shaped. Look at the given picture to draw accurately.

Skull Drawing Step 3

Skull Drawing | Learn Amazing Drawing Skills Free        

In this third step of drawing, continue the process of tracing bone lines. Draw the teeth lines of the upper side. Use the structure of teeth to draw teeth properly. In the same way, draw the lower line of teeth.

After this draw the jaws’ bones of the skull. And draw the outermost and lower outline of the chin bone. It is a skull outline. As you can see in the given picture above.

Skull Drawing Step 4   

Skull Drawing | Learn Amazing Drawing Skills Free

In this step of drawing a skull, we are going to create cracks in the skull drawing. Draw cracks to the upper side of the right and left eye. Doing the same, draw cracks to the lower surface of the eyes.

Trace the cracking lines to the jaws and nose bone. Cracks are zig-zag or curved lines on the bones that show a deteriorated picture of the skull. The basic structure of the skull is complete now. Observe the given picture.

Skull Drawing Step 5

Skull Drawing | Learn Amazing Drawing Skills Free        

In the fifth step of drawing, we are going to draw the crossbones under the skull drawing. For this purpose, draw two parallel lines and join both ends with the same point. Give it the shape of bone according to the picture.

Create cracks in the bone. Now draw a bone crossing the first bone. The drawing process for the second bone is the same as the first. Look at the given picture of step 5.

Skull Drawing Step 6

Skull Drawing | Learn Amazing Drawing Skills Free

In the 6th and final step of drawing, we will give the final look to our skull drawing. Use black marker color. Fill it in the eye bones using find the tone of filling. Also fill it in the nose bones, ears and jaws. Use a black color pencil to the lower side of the crossbones.

Use a light shade of black color to the outer side of the skull and other parts. To use light shade, follow the given picture. Now fill the light brown color pencil shade to the skull and the crossbones. As you can see in the picture above.

The drawing of “A realistic skull with crossbones ” is complete now.



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