Silk Thread Easy Crafts | Learn Amazing Silk Threads Crafts Skills

Silk Thread Easy Crafts: Here we are going to make easy silk thread crafts. We will make three easy crafts for beginners at home. Let’s start the process.

Beautiful pearl necklace| Silk Thread Easy Crafts

Silk Thread Easy Crafts| Learn Amazing Silk Threads Crafts Skills

Material required

  • Pearls
  • Antique kundans
  • Gold color beads
  • Necklace threads
  • Head and eye pins
  • Jump rings
  • Fancy rings
  • Studs
  • Buckram sheets
  • Needle
  • Nylon thread
  • Fabric glue/ Tools

Easy Guidelines For Silk Thread Easy Crafts

First of all, take a needle and adjust nylon thread in it then fix a jump ring in it and add white and gold pearls one by one to make a pearl string. Prepare three strings same as this as shown in the figure.

Take a piece of buckram and apply white fabric glue on the buckram sheet. Then attach a fancy ring in the center of the buckram sheet and also apply stud in the center of the fancy ring.

Now paste Kundan pearls on the outer side of the fancy ring. After this, cut the extra buckram with scissors and apply more glue on the lower side and paste a small piece of buckram on it.

Attach two eye pins with the help of glue and again attach buckram paper.
Make hooks with the help of pliers. Now a flower shape is formed. Make this type of flowers according to requirement.

Now take four flowers and attach these flowers. But on both ends of this flower string, three hooks should be present. Then attach pearl string with these flower strings and attach it necklace thread. A beautiful necklace is ready to see.

Take an eye pin and adjust one gold pearl in it then turned the eye pin into a hook with pliers. Now attach one eye pin to this hook then adjust two white pearls and one gold pearl in it and again make a hook on the top.

Repeat this process to form short and long strings. Make two long strings with four pearls and four strings with three pearls.

Take flowers that were already prepared and attach three hooks on the lower side and one on the upper side with the help of glue. Attach a piece of buckram on the lower side with glue. Then fix the headpin in a separate piece of buckram and attach it to the backside of the flower.

Now attach three with three hooks and gold color earrings are ready. You can see it in the picture.



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