Scenery Of Moonlight | Eye Catching Painting Idea

Scenery Of Moonlight: Here we are going to make an amazing and eye-catching scenery of moonlight using some unique colors. The scenery of moonlight represents an amazing night scene in the shadow of the moon.

Here we will try to cover all the basic steps for the scenery of moonlight painting.

Required material to Make Scenery Of Moonlight

  1. White Drawing paper
  2. Drawing board
  3. Pastel colors( Sky blue, Cobalt blue, Prussian blue, Black, White, Brown, Yellow, Olive green, Green, Vandyke brown, Raw sienna, Cobalt blue, Prussia blue and Black)
  4. Lead pencil
  5. Tissue paper
  6. Black pencil

Step by step guidance to Draw Scenery Of Moonlight

Here we are giving you a short review of the scenery of the moonlight painting. For a proper explanation of the given steps, you can visit our provided tutorial about the scenery of moonlight painting.

Scenery Of Moonlight Step 1

Scenery Of Moonlight

First of all, adjust the paper on board, take a lead pencil, and draw the picture of the house which has two rooms. Now draw a door and window. Then draw an irregular line in front of the house. Now draw a straight line with the help of scale behind the house.

Scenery Of Moonlight Step 2

Scenery Of Moonlight

Take a sky blue cobalt pastel color and draw the shape of the moon. Also, apply this color a little bit around the moon. Now blend this color with the help of tissue paper. Now apply Cobalt blue color around the sky blue color.

Now fill the Prussian blue color around the cobalt blue. This type of figure can be obtained by following this procedure.      

Scenery Of Moonlight Step 3

Scenery Of Moonlight 3

Take a tissue paper and blend all these colors. After blending this type of fine look will be obtained. Then draw the outlines of trees with a black pencil. Draw different sizes of trees. Draw branches of trees a  leaves with a black pastel pencil.

Now draw zig-zag lines below the trees with a simple black pencil to show the reflection of trees in the water.

Scenery Of Moonlight Step 4

Scenery Of Moonlight

Now take a Prussian blue color. Draw horizontal lines by leaving some spaces between these lines. Then apply cobalt blue color in these spaces. After applying these colors, fill more spaces with white pastel color. These lines will look like water currents.

Now take a black pencil and thick the outlines of trees. Then move to the house to draw a bright and clear outline with a black pencil.

Scenery Of Moonlight Step 5

Scenery Of Moonlight

Draw the shape of a boat with a black pencil and also draw black thin lines below the boat. These thin lines will represent the reflection of the boat.

Now outline date palm trees. First, draw the stem then leaves of trees. Then apply the pastel green color on date palm leaves

Scenery Of Moonlight Step 6

Scenery Of Moonlight


Fill this green color in front of the house. Then take raw sienna color, fill in the stem of the tree, and on the edge of the lake. Then fill this color inside the boat. Now also apply this color on the walls and roof of the house.

Fill Vandyke brown color on the edge of the lake and also on the outer portion of the house. Then take black pastel color, again move near the edge of the lake and fill this color with a thick layer.

Now apply this black pastel color to the outlines of the house. Then apply Vandyke brown on the roof and walls for blending purpose. Also, apply on the outer edges of the lake.

Now take a simple black pencil and thick the outlines of the house and draw lines on the roof and walls of the house to get a beautiful look.

Also, draw the lines in the window and door as shown in the figure. Also, draw some lines on the ground part which has a green color.

Scenery Of Moonlight  Step 7

Scenery Of Moonlight

 Draw some black lines on the ground part which has a green color. Now move to the backside of the house and outline a tree by drawing the main stem and branches.

Then apply olive green color on tree leaves and on the ground part which is already green.

Scenery Of Moonlight Step 8

Scenery Of Moonlight

 Now take a black pencil and thicken the outer lines of the date stem. Now go to the boat and make seats by drawing horizontal lines in it. Fill yellow color on the window. Now give a final look to the scenery of moonlight night painting.

Finally, wonderful scenery of moonlight night with oil pastel is ready to see. If you fail to understand the steps, then below is our provided video tutorial on the scenery of moonlight night painting.




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