Sad girl drawing | Now Draw a sketch of girl

Sad girl drawing: Pencil sketching is an art that can describe amazing and incredible pieces of art. It is the simplest and reasonable form of art that is also affordable. Using this simple art, one can realistically relate the best facial expressions.

By using this amazing kind of art, here we are going to draw a depressed girl crying drawing with a teardrop in her eyes. The steps and requirements are simple and affordable. We always Describe Ideas about easy drawings and cool drawings.

Draw a Sad Girl Sketch.

The following tools are the basic requirements to sketch a girl. Assemble these required tools and get started sketching.

  1. Drawing paper with a drawing board
  2. DOMS 4B pencil ( zoom ultimate dark)
  3. Scale
  4. Eraser
  5. Sharpener
  6. Blending stump tool
  7. Paintbrush

Step by Step guidelines for sketching

Here is given thorough guidance to make a sad girl sketch. By following these easy steps, you can skillfully make a sad girl drawing easily.

You can also watch our pinned video tutorial at the end of steps to make a sad girl sketch.

Sad girl drawing ( Step 1 )

Sad Girl Sketch | Learn Easy Steps Sketching

Set your drawing paper on the drawing board. Draw an arc on the left side of the drawing paper. This is an outline for hairs. Now draw the outlines for right-sided hairs. Draw a vertical line coming from the first arc. Its length is 10.8cm.

Now mark three points over this line at different distances. The distance of the points on the vertical line is 3.5cm, 6.6cm, and 8.3cm respectively. Now draw three horizontal lines on three points. The length of the first and last horizontal line is 7.2cm and 2.6cm.

These lines are the baselines for eyes, nose, and lips. Following these baselines, draw the face outline. Also, cover the chin line. Now draw the eye lines according to the given picture above. Thick the outlines of the eyes.

Sad girl drawing (Step 2)

Sad Girl Sketch | Learn Easy Steps Sketching

In step 2, draw the eye lens of the girl. Color the dark shade in the eyes. Draw lines to the underside of the eyes. According to the vertical line, draw the nose lines of the girl. As shown in the picture.

Following the baseline of the lips, draw the upper and lower lips of the girl. Remember that the eyes of the girl are bending down. You can see in the given picture.

Sad girl drawing (Step 3)

Sad Girl Sketch | Learn Easy Steps Sketching

Using an eraser, remove the baselines of eyes, nose, lips, and face. It’s time to draw the eyebrow lines. Start tracing of the hairlines. Create sectional lines of the hairs of the girl. Following the central line of the hairs, create layers of hairs having different weights.

Draw Some hair to the front side of the sad girl. Now draw the neck and shoulder line of the girl. Follow the given picture of step 3.

Sad girl drawing (Step 4)

Sad Girl Sketch | Learn Easy Steps Sketching

Now draw the eyelashes of the girl as shown in the picture. Create a natural look in the hairs of eyelashes. Now start dark shading of eyebrows. Give proper shape to eyebrows using dark shade. Start shading in your complete pencil sketch drawing. Shade the parts of the upper eyes, under chin, and lips with a light tone.

Create a teardrop under the eye. Now start blending with a blending stump tool. Blend all the shaded parts. Create smoothness while blending. As you can see in the picture.

Sad girl drawing (Step 5)

Sad Girl Sketch | Learn Easy Steps Sketching

At the final step, create hairs’ complete look. Trace hairlines in each section and layer of the hairs. Starting from upper to lower direction, draw hairlines.

After completing the tracing of the hairs, start blending. Use a paintbrush to blend the hair tracing. Take a final look at the drawing of the sad girl.

A sad girl sketch is complete now. To add new techniques with your sketching, try to know the basics of the sketching with the entire focus. Enjoy These easy drawings, Cool drawings, sad drawings ideas, and sad sketches.

Watch below our video tutorial to get clear to these explained steps to make a sad girl sketch.




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