Rose Drawing and Learn Now How To Draw A Rose

Rose Drawing: Among all flowers, roses are the most popular flowers in the world. It is mostly considered a symbol of love. Most of the time, they are complicated to draw. But it’s not too much difficult. You have to know about some basic techniques and tricks of drawing.

Just carefully follow the steps and you will be able to draw this beautiful rose. We are going to sketch out a beautiful rose with pencil sketching in easy steps.

Required material For Rose Drawing:

The required equipment is simple and easily accessible to everyone. There are no expensive accessories required for this. The required material is given below in detail.

  • Drawing board
  • Drawing paper
  • DOMS ( Zoom ultimate dark) pencil
  • Eraser
  • Paintbrush or makeup brush of cotton
  • Pencil sharpener

Step by step guidance:

Here we will give you the step-by-step guidelines to make this beautiful rose. The guidance method is specially formulated for beginners who have no know-how about drawing. Carefully follow each step that is given below with complete detail.

Rose Drawing Step 1

Rose Drawing| Learn How To Draw A Rose

First of all, adjust the paper on the drawing board. Draw a small oval shape on the paper. You can also see above in the figure.

Now, in this step add two lines inside this oval shape. Follow the figure as shown above here.

Rose Drawing Step 2

Rose Drawing| Learn How To Draw A Rose

Draw some more lines to the inner side that are actually petals of a flower. These lines look like curved lines. But one thing you should keep in mind, petals look in a balanced manner. Follow the above figure.

Rose Drawing Step 3

Rose Drawing| Learn How To Draw A Rose


In this step, draw lines to the outer side. Then continue to draw the more petals. Try to draw three or four petals to the outer side of those petals in each whorl. Also shown above in figure.

Rose Drawing Step 5

Rose Drawing| Learn How To Draw A Rose

After drawing these petals, we obtain a settled outlook. Now draw a pedicle of a flower and attach it to the flower. As you can see above.

Rose Drawing Step 6

Rose Drawing| Learn How To Draw A Rose

In this step, draw some leaves that we attach to the pedicel of the flower. For this draw a circular shaped bud on the flower. Then draw the pedicels of leaves.

After this sketch out the leaves that will attach to the pedicel. Inside the leaf, also draw veins. Follow the above figure.

Rose Drawing Step 7

Rose Drawing| Learn How To Draw A Rose

Start the shading of flower petals. First of all, take start to the outermost petals. Fill color in petals in this way that half side should be dark and another half should be a light color. Carefully shading to all petals according to the described way. As shown above in the image.

After that take a paintbrush and apply it to petals for blending. Blending gives the flower a smooth and settled look. After this, take a DOMS ultimate dark pencil and thick the outlines of all petals. Follow the above figure.

Rose Drawing Step 9

Rose Drawing| Learn How To Draw A Rose

In this step, fill color in the flower pedicle. Then thick the lining of all leaf veins. Then take a painting brush and blend all the leaves and pedicel areas. Finally, the glorious look of the rose flower is ready to see. As shown above in figure.

For more explanation of these given steps, you can watch below our pinned video tutorial on rose drawing.

Instructions regarding rose drawing:

  • Try to shade the darker areas first. When you are going to start shading in petals, first shades in darker areas then blend it with light areas.
  • You have to know about your pencil. Try to use a good quality pencil that is particularly designed for drawing. Use DOMS( Zoom ultimate dark) pencil.
  • Try to avoid smudging during drawing or shading. Use tissue paper of a separate paper to avoid this problem.




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