Romantic Couple Drawing Love At First Sight

Romantic Couple Drawing: Drawing is a valuable and effective technique for manifesting some inner feelings. It is often used for the creation of imaginative into visual form. This process of articulation is called drawing.

In this drawing section, we are going to make Romantic Couple Drawing. This Drawing is representing the scene of a girl and boy ( Romantic Couple Drawing ) who meets the first time and falls in love.

Below we will describe some basic requirements for this drawing. You will also be familiar with the basic steps to make Romantic Couple Drawing Love At First Sight.

Basic Requirements

The tools that are required for drawing are given here.

  1. Drawing paper along with drawing board
  2. DOMS pencil 4B

( zoom ultimate dark)

  1. Eraser
  2. Sharpener

Step by step guidelines for drawing

Here we have explained some basic steps to make love at first sight drawing. You can Watch our pinned video tutorial on love at first sight drawing for proper guidance.

Step 1

Romantic Couple Drawing Love At First Sight

Set your drawing board and drawing paper. By using a pencil, draw the face outline of the boy. Now trace the head outline. In the same way, draw the ear, collar, and arm outline.

Keep in mind that the boy is in a sitting position. As you can see in the given picture.

Step 2

Romantic Couple Drawing Love At First Sight

After drawing the arm outline, draw the hand of the boy. Draw the left and right leg of the boy as shown in the following picture. Draw a shoulder bag on the back of the boy.

Now start drawing the string of the bag around the shoulders. Fill the string with dark shade. Draw two zip closure on the bag. Follow the given picture.

Step 3

Romantic Couple Drawing Love At First Sight


In step 3, draw the shoes and laces of the boy. Thick the outlines of the shoes. Now draw the right hand of the boy. The boy is holding a paper in his hand. Trace the outline of the girl’s face. Now draw the hair outline and neck of the girl.

Some hair is on the front side and some are on the back of the girl. The girl is wearing a hairband on her head. Draw the arm of the girl and her hand with her fingers. Start drawing the body outline.

Step 4

Love At First Sight Drawing

Now draw the right leg of the girl. Likewise the boy, the girl is also in a sitting position. Draw the left hand of the girl now. The girl is holding a book in the left hand. Trace the shoes and foot of the girl as shown in the picture.

Draw small pieces of paper around the boy and the girl. Now draw the eyes and eyebrows of the girl and the boy one by one according to the picture.

Step 5

Love At First Sight Drawing

Now start the shading process. Use the same pencil for shading. Start shading from the girl’s hair. Shade the layers of the hair one by one. Create a bit of shiny effect through shading.

Now divide the hair of the boy into sections. And shade the hair according to the section. Now start shading in the boy’s trousers. As you can see in the picture above.

Step 6

Love At First Sight Drawing

Shade on the left and right side of the trousers. After completing it, now fill the bag of the boy with dark coloring. Only the zippers are visible.

Now shade the leg of the girl. Thick the outline of the right sleeve. Shade the dark color in the shoes according to the picture. Now draw small and parallel lines in the dress of the girl to create a pattern. As you can see in the given final picture of the Romantic Couple Drawing .

The drawing for a love scene at a first sight is now complete. If you want to describe the scene more effectively, add bright colors like red, brown, black, or green. You can use these colors in the dressing of the boy and the girl.


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