Romantic Couple Drawing | Easy Steps Drawing

Romantic Couple Drawing: We are going to make an amazing and eye-catching romantic couple drawing. Here will describe some basic and essential steps to make this unique romantic couple drawing. We will try to cover all the necessary steps.

Somehow if you will that explanation is insufficient, then you can visit our provided video tutorial on romantic couple drawing. Video tutorial is given at the end of steps.

Material required for Romantic Couple Drawing:

  • Drawing paper
  • Drawing board
  • DOMS( zoom ultimate dark) pencil
  • Art line 8B pencil
  • Eraser
  • Red pencil
  • DVD
  • Tissue paper
  • Scale
  • Sharpener

Step by step guidance Romantic Couple Drawing

Here we are going to describe some basic steps of romantic couple drawing. We will try to give you enough explanation regarding this romantic couple drawing.

Couple Drawing Step 1

Romantic Couple Drawing

 First of all just the paper on the drawing board. The size of the paper should be 12x18cm. Draw a horizontal straight line with the help of a scale near the bottom of the drawing paper.

Now draw a 7.8cm vertical line. Place a scale on this line and Mark the points with measurement. Draw one mark at 1.5cm and the other on 3.1cm. Then draw another line of 5.8cm that is parallel to that line.

The diameter between these two lines is 3.5cm. Now mark the first point on 1.3cm and the other is 4cm.

Couple Drawing Step 2

Romantic Couple drawing

Now start from the first point mark and draw an arc to the second point. Then start from the second line, draw a curved line that will meet with the baseline, and also draw a line on the other side of the line that will start from the second point to the baseline as clearly shown in the figure.

Follow the figure for better understanding. Then start from the upper end of the line and draw an arc-shaped line that meets with the first mark. This will be converted into her outline. Now draw the face of the girl.

Couple Drawing Step 3

Romantic Couple Drawing

Draw the arm of the girl. Now move to the right-sided line. Draw a line that will start from point first and end to second point mark as shown in the figure.

Now start from the first point mark, and draw a straight line to the second point mark. After drawing these lines, this type of picture we obtained is shown in the figure above.

Couple Drawing Step 4

Now draw the face and neck of a boy and. Also, outline his hair. Then draw the legs, knees, and shoes as shown in the figure.

Couple Drawing Step 5

Romantic Couple Drawing


Draw the arms of a boy as shown in the figure. Then outline a flower and leaves, that is touched by both of girl and boy.

Couple Drawing Step 6

Romantic Couple Drawing


Now move to the left side of the paper. First of all draw stem of the tree. Then draw different branches. The tree has no green leaves. It has heart-shaped leaves on it as shown above in the figure.

Couple Drawing Step 7

Romantic Couple Drawing

Now take art line 8B pencil and fill color in girl’s dress. Then fill color in man’s dress. This color will be filled on faces also. Now Shades this color on hairs. Now fill this color in flower and leaves as can be seen in the picture.

Couple Drawing Step 8

Romantic Couple Drawing

Fill color in tree stem with art pencil. Stem color should be dark, so properly fi it. Then apply color in branches and sub-branches of a tree. Now sharp the pencil and collect the graphite powder of pencil. Place this graphite paper on the tissue paper.

Then take a DVD, place it on the couple. Now rub the tissue on the whole drawing paper around the DVD. Now move to the base of the tree. Fill color on the ground place thoroughly.

Then draw some small plants in the base of the tree and also fill these plants with an art pencil. Sketch sparrows, sitting on these small plants as shown above in the figure.

Couple Drawing Step 9

Romantic Couple Drawing

Fill red color in heart-shaped leaves. Finally, a stunning and wonderful drawing of a romantic couple under the tree is ready to see above in the figure.




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