Rainy Day Scenery| Girl Sitting Beside Windowpane

Girl Sitting Beside Windowpane| Rainy Day Scenery

Drawing is an art that is used to draw so many types of drawings such as animals, humans, plants, natural objects, and much more. It is an amazing kind of art that soothes a man’s mind and nerves.

Drawing is of two types.

  • 1st type of drawing includes coloring
  • The 2nd type of drawing is without colors.

In this section, we will draw a rainy day scenery of a  girl sitting beside windowpane using unique colors. Color, pigment, and hue creates fun in our drawing and makes it more fascinating, intriguing, and striking.

 Drawing a girl sitting beside windowpane:

To draw a girl sitting beside windowpane, we are using some material that is given below.

Required material for colorful drawing

Here is required material to make rainy day scenery of a girl sitting beside windowpane.

  1. Paper
  2. Paper board
  3. DOMS pencil
  4. Colors ( blue, olive green, sky blue, yellow, brown, black, and blue)
  5. Tissue paper
  6. Masking tape
  7. White gel pen
  8. Scale
  9. Eraser
  10. Sharpener

6 easy steps guidelines for drawing

To draw rainy day scenery of a girl sitting beside windowpane, read the guidelines step by step, and follow the given procedure.

 Step 1

Rainy Day Scenery

Set your paper on the drawing board. Draw a triangle shape on the left bottom corner of the paper. Now draw baselines for the hair, face, and arms of the girl. After using these lines to complete the shape, remove the extra lines by using an eraser.

Step 2

Rainy Day Scenery

Draw the backside of the girl. Draw hands and sleeves now. Create layers of dress and draw the feet of the girl by using a pencil. Make fingers of the hand visible

 Step 3

Rainy Day Scenery


Draw baselines for the window across the girl’s body. Attach masking tape across the lines. Take the olive green color and spread it on the lower part of the paper. Now take a light blue color and spread it to the upper portion of the window. The green part will represent greenery from outside the window while the blue part will give a sky touch to the paper. Take a tissue paper and rub it on colors to make their transition smooth and plain. Follow the given figure carefully.

Step 4

Rainy Day Scenery

Now take a pencil and draw lighter shade branches of the tree on the right side of the window. Thick the color of the branches with a pencil. Draw small dots on the branches of the tree. Now draw small leaves to the branches. Use yellow color to fill the leaves. The mixture of yellow and sky blue will create a greenish color on leaves.

 Step 5

Rainy Day Scenery

After completing coloring in leaves, take white color and draw lines on the green and blue part by using it. Now take pieces of masking tape and attach them to the paper to create border lines for the window. Keeping in view these borderlines, spread black color on the borderlines and rub it with tissue paper. After creating the lines of the window, remove the masking tape pieces. Now use a pencil to draw drops of water on the windowpane. As shown in the picture.

Now take a white gel pen and fill the white color in the drops of water on the windowpane. You will see the actual picture of water drops.

Step 6

Rainy Day Scenery

 Now take a yellow color and fill it in the dress of the girl. Fill the light peach color to the skin of the girl. Fill brown and black color to the hair of the girl. Spread blue color beside the window. Rub it with tissue paper to create smoothness. Remove the masking tape. Give it a final touch. As shown in the given picture.

A drawing of a girl sitting beside windowpane in the rainy season is complete now. This drawing beautifully represents the imaginary rainy day scenery of a girl sitting beside windowpane.


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