Pumpkin Halloween Drawings | Cute Halloween Drawings

Pumpkin Halloween Drawings: Here we are going to draw a pumpkin Halloween drawing. The main theme of the drawing is to celebrate Halloween. It is an event of Western Christians that is celebrated on 31st October. The purpose of this celebration is to make a run of the ghost’s spirits.

The following drawing will be certainly the best addition to celebrating Halloween.

Requirements for drawing Halloween Drawings

Here are given the required tools for drawing. Get mange the given tools and start drawing.

  • Drawing paper
  • Drawing board
  • Lead pencil
  • Color markers ( black, pale green, orange, purple, red)

Step by Step guidelines for Pumpkin Halloween Drawings

Here is given a complete step by step guide for drawing. Understand the given instructions. Let’s start drawing.

Pumpkin Halloween Drawings Step 1

Pumpkin Halloween Drawings

In the first and starting point of drawing a pumpkin with a ghost, manage the drawing paper ( marker paper). Adjust it on the drawing board. Use black marker color for the outline of the pumpkin.

First, draw the skin outline of the pumpkin. From the top, it is of zig-zag lines. From the sides, it’s shape is rounded a bit. And from the lower part, draw the same shape as above. It is the blossom end of the pumpkin. As you can see from the given picture above.

Now draw the stem of the pumpkin. It is the topmost of the pumpkin, that is generally called the handle of the pumpkin.

Pumpkin Halloween Drawings Step 2

Pumpkin Halloween Drawings


In the second step, draw a smiling face to the skin of the pumpkin. For this purpose, draw a curved line of an eye. Trace another horizontal line attached to the first line. This is the eye of the face. Using the same process, draw the other eye at a proper distance.

For the nose, outline a heart-shaped to the position of the nose. Now draw the opened mouth of the smiling face. Outline jaws using arc-shaped lines. Following the given picture of step 2, complete the tracing of outlines.

Pumpkin Halloween Drawings Step 3

   Pumpkin Halloween Drawings

In the third step of Halloween drawing, start the process of coloring. Using the same tone of black marker color, fill the parts of the smiling face. Fill the left and right eye of the face.

Color the nose and open mouth shape of the smiling face. Create softness in the coloring tone. Color every single dot to get smoothness. As you can see from the given picture.

Pumpkin Halloween Drawings Step 4

Pumpkin Halloween Drawings


In the fourth step of drawing, draw the eyebrows above the eyes. After the drawing of eyebrows, draw the ribs of the pumpkin. Ribs are the lines on the skin of the pumpkin that is running from top to bottom and bottom to top. Follow the given picture of step 4.

Pumpkin Halloween Drawings Step 5

  Pumpkin Halloween Drawings

In this step of drawing, we are going to create a ghost emerging from the pumpkin. For the reason, draw a stomach shaped outline to the top right side of the pumpkin. Trace the outlines for the circular eyes of the ghost.

Mark small dots above the eyes of the ghost. Draw the nose and mouth of the ghost by following the given picture. Create a shine in the eyes of the ghost.

Pumpkin Halloween Drawings Step 6

Pumpkin Halloween Drawings

In the sixth step, draw a heart shape to the middle of the nose lines. Do this drawing by following the picture above. Now trace a twisted line to the left side of the pumpkin. This twisted line is the tendril of the pumpkin. Look at the picture above.

Pumpkin Halloween Drawings Step 7

Pumpkin Halloween Drawings

The seventh and last process of drawing is the coloring process. Use the purple color to the under eyes of the ghost. Use red color to the heart shape of the ghost. Fill pale green color to the stem of the pumpkin.

Use orange color for the skin of the pumpkin. Do the coloring process with ultimate focus. Create shine where needed.

The pumpkin Halloween drawing of “A pumpkin with a ghost” is complete now. Get a thorough explanation of these easy steps by watching the complete video tutorial.




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