Pollution Awareness Drawing | Easy Steps Drawing

Pollution Awareness Drawing : Today we are going to make an amazing pollution awareness drawing. Pollution is decreasing the beauty of nature and causing a lot of problems for our planet. So the main purpose of pollution awareness drawing is to give awareness regarding pollution.

Here we will describe some very easy and basic steps to make this pollution awareness drawing. You can also watch our pinned video tutorial on pollution awareness drawing for complete explanation.

Required material:

  1. Drawing board
  2. Drawing paper
  3. Lead pencil
  4. Scale
  5. Tissue paper
  6. Eraser
  7. Pencil colors ( Dark green, black, light blue
  8. Pastel colors( Gray, yellow, dark green, pink, light blue, violet, yellow-green, zinc, Orange).
  9. Red marker

Step by step guidance:

Here are some key steps to make this pollution awareness drawing. You can also watch our complete video tutorial on pollution awareness drawing which is pinned below in the end of basic steps.

Step 1

Pollution Awareness Drawing

First of all, adjust the paper with a drawing board. Draw a horizontal line in the center of the Paper. Now draw vertical lines with scale and form the structure of rooms. Draw doors and windows in front of the rooms.

Step 2

Pollution Awareness Drawing

 Draw a big room. Then draw two rooms on both sides of the big room. Then draw another small room with this room. Now draw one more line to make a wall. Then draw the outlines of the lake. The remaining place will be the ground place.

Now draw the shapes of some stones that are placed on the edge of the lake. Also, draw the outlines of garbage bags inside the lake and outside of the lake.

Step 3

Pollution Awareness Drawing

Now take gray paste oil color and apply it on the upper side of the paper. After this, fill this area with light blue color. Then take a tissue paper and blend these two colors with this.

Step 4

Pollution Awareness Drawing

Take pastel oil violet color and fill in the front of the industry. Now make designs in doors and windows and also thick their outlines with a black pencil. Then take a light blue color and make clouds with light and dark shades.

Now draw the structure of chimneys on the rooms and also outline the shape of smoke that is arising from these chimneys. Fill light blue color in chimneys and black color in smoke. Now move to the roof and fill red color on it.

Now erase some parts of clouds to show the real image of clouds. As clearly seen above in the figure.

Step 5

Pollution Awareness Drawing

Now take pink color and apply it in the smallest room and fill blue color in windows. Then move to the next room, apply green color on it, and fill black color in windows.

Now apply violet color in the big room and black in windows. Then take an orange color and apply it on the side big room and also draw windows. Apply red color on all roofs.

Now take raw sienna and apply it on the wall. Follow the above image.

Step 6

Pollution Awareness Drawing


Apply yellow-green color on the ground place. Then blend this yellow-green with the help of tissue paper. Now take a green pencil color and apply It to the base of the industry. Then take pastel green color and make some small plants with the industry walls.

Now take a blue pencil color and fill the lake to show water currents. Then thick the edges of the lake with dark green outlines. Now again thick the outlines of the lake with a black pencil. Follow the figure for better understanding.

Step 7

Pollution Awareness Drawing

Now take a black pencil and fill color in black plastic bags that are placed on the edge and inside of the lake. Fill orange color in plastic bags that are present in the lake. Now take the yellow color and apply another bag that is in the lake as shown in the figure above.

Step 8

Pollution Awareness Drawing

 Take a lead pencil and shades in stones that are placed on the edge of the lake. Now draw some green between the stones. The. Draw a green plant in water and apply red dots on the tip plants to show like red flowers.

Now a complete picture of the scenery of environmental pollution is ready. As shown above in the figure.

Watch our  below pinned video tutorial on pollution awareness drawing for complete guidance.

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