Paper Mache | Easy Paper Mache Recipie

Paper Mache Easy Recipe

What is paper Mache?

The concept of paper Mache came from the East before its growth in European countries. It is a raw material that is mainly and commonly used for making large sculptures and intricate paintings.

Generally, Paper Mache is a pulped combination of paper and glue. It is prepared in a specific technique that helps to get it to convert into different shapes. Once it is dried, it can be used easily for any desired purpose.

Types of paper Mache

There exist two types of paper Mache.

1)  The first type of paper Mache is prepared out of pulped paper. It is used for making large-sized sculptures and shapes.

2) The other type uses torn pieces of paper. It is used for making hollow, flat, and comparatively complex areas of large sculptures.

Paper Mache is prepared in many ways. In its composition, some ingredients are the same, while some are not. Depending on your available ingredients you can use alternatives to them.

Here we will discuss the whole recipe step by step to make it.

 Required material:

1: 1 bowl with 1 spoon

2: Electric mixture

3: Tissue paper/ toilet paper

4: Mineral oil 2 table spoon.

5: 1 cup drywall joint compound

6: ¾ white glue

Step by step process:

Paper Mache Recipe


Take 1 ¼ cup of water in a bowl and dip tissue paper or toilet paper into it. Get it to absorb water well. Take it out of the water and squeeze water. Now again dip it in water.

After some time, squeeze the water with a squeezer. By using hands squeeze every single drop of water out of it.

Now take a dry bowl. Add squeezed paper to the bowl. It is much harder now.

Paper Mache Recipe

Add 1 cup of drywall joint compound and white glue in it. Mix well with an electric mixture at high speed.

Paper Mache Recipe

Now add ½ to 1 cup of white flour off and on and mix well with mixer.

The amount of flour depends upon your required stickiness of paper Mache clay. Paper Mache clay is ready you can store it for a couple of days.

It doesn’t matter what material you use to prepare the Mache. The important thing is the soaking ability of a paper. Here are some instructions while preparing and using any kind of Mache.

Let it dry well.  A heater can help you out but be careful in using a radiator-style heater. Never provide too much heat that everything gone to burn. Store it in a cool place and airtight container.

Use it once your sculptures dried. You can use any paper for making Mache like newspaper cuttings, magazine paper, tissue paper, or toilet paper. Sometimes it is reinforced by textiles remaining.

Uses of paper Mache

  1. It is used in designing large sculptures of animals like carnival floats.
  2. It also covers the poultry netting.
  3. It is used in making clay vases.
  4. Mache is used in designing decoration pieces.
  5. It can be used in making flat and hollow surfaces of your art.

Basic FAQS

Q1 :How much time does paper Mache clay takes to dry?

Ans: It takes about 30 minutes with a hot atmosphere. However, on cold days, it may take 24 hours to get dry.

Q2: Can I use a blow drier to get paper Mache clay dry?

Ans: Yes you can use a drier. Just on the drier and set its nozzle towards your ready paper Mache recipe.

Q3: Should I have to dry each layer of clay?

Ans: No, you can dry three layers collectively. But you will need to give extra time to dry it in well for.

Q4: My paper Mache is still soft, why?

Ans: Even if you feel that your Mache has been dried, let it dry for more days. Because the inner layers may wet till now. So give extra time to get it dry well.

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