Palazzo cutting| Exploring New Cutting Ideas 2021

Palazzo cutting: The design has become an important component of our life. It covers all aspects of life. No matters what is the goal of life. The only purpose of life is to create fun, excitement, and enthusiasm.

Through this excitement, we want to adopt each trendy aspect. Whether it relates to shoes, jewelry, dressing, or even our living styles. Fashion is a vital element of life. It is the essence of life. The level of fashion excitement is different with different people.

Some people love to enjoy it. While some adopt it as a necessity. And some try to avoid its addiction.

Here we are going to make a palazzo bottom design for the lovers of new trends. Hope you will love to add this design to your dressing.

Basic Requirements

  • Palazzo pants
  • Cloth
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Sewing Machine

Step by Step approaches for designing

Here is given the step by step guidelines to make a design on the bottom of the palazzo pants.

Palazzo cutting Step 1

Palazzo cutting| Exploring New Cutting Ideas 2021

In the first step of palazzo pant bottom design, make strips for designing purposes. Cut a strip of 1.5 widths. The length of this strip is according to the requirement. Fold this strip from the long side. Stitch it from the sides. After stitching, it would be closed.

Now using a pin or hook, turn it to the right side. Press this long strip with iron. After measuring, cut the 3 inches long stripes. Prepare strips according to the requirement. As you can see the prepared strips from the picture.

Palazzo cutting Step 2

Palazzo cutting| Exploring New Cutting Ideas 2021

In this step, take another piece of cloth. The length of this piece is according to the size of the pant’s bottom. While the width of this piece is 2.5 inches. Attach a pasting to one side of the piece. This pasting makes it hard. Then attach the 3 inches pieces of strips on this piece. Stitch the pieces one by one. Attach the strips in a criss-cross style. The stylish pattern for pants is ready. Look at the given picture of step 2.

Palazzo cutting Step 3

Palazzo cutting| Exploring New Cutting Ideas 2021

In the third step of bottom designing, we are going to attach the prepared strip with the trouser. Put the wrong side of the strip to the right side of the bottom. After stitching from corners, turn to the right side. Now stitch from the right side. To the lower side, stitch a 4-inch wide border. Observe this step from the given picture.

Palazzo cutting Step 4

Palazzo cutting| Exploring New Cutting Ideas 2021

In the fourth step of bottom designing, we are going to carry the work. Fold the bottom border to the inner side. Stitch the folding from corners. One pintuck is ready. Create more pintucks on the bottom. The prepared pintucks are shown in the picture of step 4.

Palazzo cutting Step 5

Palazzo cutting| Exploring New Cutting Ideas 2021


In this step, create the frill on the bottom of the trouser. To prepare a frill, take a piece of cloth. The width of this cloth is 3 inches. The length of this cloth is 1.5 meters. Double fold this piece from the long side. By folding it, make plates or layers. Stitch the layers of this cloth. Inter loop this piece of cloth. Put this piece on the bottom of the pants. And stitch from both sides. You can see from the picture of step 5.

Palazzo cutting Step 6

Palazzo cutting| Exploring New Cutting Ideas 2021

In the final step of designing, give the final look to the pant’s bottom design. Paste stones or beads on criss-cross designing. After fitting and stitching the pants, the following look appears.

The beautiful palazzo bottom design is ready. You can prepare it for sleeves or the bottom of the shirt. Additional changes can also be made with this design.

Below you can watch a complete video session for a better understanding of all these easy steps.


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