09 Steps Design Origami Kusudama Flower | origami flower crafts

Introduction about Crafts

Are you ready to learn something new? We are here to tell you something new tips to Origami Kusudama Flower (origami flower) by paper at Home. When you free at home then it is better to choose a meaningful hobby for you Design origami flower crafts. Making new crafts for your is also a beneficial hobby that prove helpful for you regarding to earn money or to entertain you in free time. By making better crafts with paper or something else you can make money or you may also decorate your room. Our generation uses mobile phones and other technologies to entertain their selves. They have forgotten to run their mind to create the creative things.

This is a creative trick to make your children creative. Now we are going to tell you about origami flower crafts making techniques using paper. So to learn different things please have patience and stay with us. We will tell you complete procedure to make easy crafts by just using paper at home. You can use these crafts to decorate your room.

Here we will discuss with you on how to make crafts at home. We are going to make some basic shapes with paper to decorate your home and or your personal study related projects. Have a look on the list given below.

The Origami Kusudama flower is beautiful and appears complex and difficult to make, but don’t worry there are only a few steps to make it. However, for making this flower you need only five pieces of paper because this flower is actually made up of five petals. You need one sheet for making a single petal. Glue is must for making these five petals. Are you ready to it? Let’s we started.

Steps to make a beautiful Origami Kusudama Flower

There are the following steps below to make this Origami Kusudama Flower ( origami flower ).

Step 1: Make a square piece of origami paper with color side down, but if you have 8.5 x11 paper you must follow these instructions to make a square sheet.

Step 2

Make a triangle by folding the bottom corner to the top corner.

Step 3

Make diamond by folding the triangle, fold the left and right corners to the top.

origami flower

Step 4

Take the flaps you folded and fold them outward to the right and left diamond edges.

origami flower

Step 5

Insert the finger into the pocket of that flap and unfold the left side, then squash down as shown.

                                origami flower

Step 6

To make two squashed sides repeat the step 5 from the right side.

origami flower

Step 7

According to the picture fold the left and right corners top to down.

Step 8

To make half triangles fold the left and right corners. Bring the left and right sides to face each other without creasing the paper and together the glue them. Now you have make completed one petal.


Step 09

To make flower simply glue all the petals together and you’re done.

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