Nightmare Before Christmas Drawing ideas

Nightmare Before Christmas Drawing: Sally is the character of the telefilm, “The nightmare before Christmas”. It is an American fantasy telefilm. This film was produced by Tim Burton and directed by Henry Selick. The film was released in 1993. The story of the film revolves around Jack skellington. He was the king of “Halloween Town”. Now we are going to draw a sally sketch of a nightmare before Christmas.

Required material For Nightmare Before Christmas Drawing 

The required material is easily available to everyone. There is no expensive material required for this drawing. Compile this given material and start drawing.

  • Drawing paper
  • Drawing board
  • Black marker color
  • Colors markers ( Red, zinc, yellow, sky blue, and pink).

Step by step guidelines For Nightmare Before Christmas Drawing

There is a complete guideline for this drawing. Follow the given guidelines to get the desired results.

Nightmare Before Christmas Drawing Step 1

Nightmare Before Christmas Drawing

First of all, adjust the paper on board. To draw a face outline, draw a curved line on the upper side. Then draw another slightly curved line that meets with the first one. In this way, the face line will be drawn. Now draw the hair lining just on the upper part. Follow the above figure.

Nightmare Before Christmas Drawing Step 2

Nightmare Before Christmas DrawingIn the second step, we are going to draw eyes. To draw eyes trace two big circles inside the face line. Then draw two small circles inside the eye circle. After they draw a curved line inside the lower part of the eye circle.

Fill black color in the eye except for the lower edge of the eye. Draw very thin small lines in this area. Do the same procedure with the second eye.

Nightmare Before Christmas Drawing Step 3

Nightmare Before Christmas Drawing

In this step, draw a curved line on the upper side and draw very thin, small, horizontal lines on this curved line. Do the same technique with the second eye.

Trace a curved line that will start from the forehead and moving through the eye to the lower part of the eye. After this draw a curve line and trace the lip on this line. Follow the figure as shown above.

Nightmare Before Christmas Drawing Step 4

Nightmare Before Christmas Drawing

Now in this step, draw a neckline and shoulder area. After drawing this, outline the sleeves of the dress. The sleeves will behalf. After that, trace lines that will originate from the shoulder line. These lines are the outline of a dress. Then draw arms. Now outline pants and shoes. See the above-given figure.

Nightmare Before Christmas Drawing Step 5

Nightmare Before Christmas Drawing

In this step, draw long hair lining that is finishing with zig-zag lines. Divide hair into different portions by drawing the main lines. Make a design for the dress. Start from the top right side of the dress.

Draw a circular ring-shaped design inwardly and trace a line. Divide the dress into different portions. Draw different types of small circles and cubes in the different portions of the dress. Follow the above figure for improvement.

Nightmare Before Christmas Drawing Step 6

Nightmare Before Christmas Drawing

In the last step of this drawing, make a design on pants. Now the drawing or sketching of sally is ready. So, now we are going to color this picture. Apply red color on hair. Then fill red color on the lips.

Move to eyes, fill blue color in the lower side of eyes near the edges. Take the yellow color and apply it on the upper portion of the dress and right side of the sleeves. On the left side of the sleeve, shades of zinc color. Draw cross lines on the right lower side of the dress and fill yellow color on it.

For more detail about coloring on the dress, follow the above figure. Finally,  the drawing of the nightmare before Christmas is ready to see. Also shown above in figure.




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