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Mother’s Day Special Drawing with Pencil : Drawing is an art that can describe our inner connection and feelings with our beloved ones. Through this wonderful articulation, we can express our relationships in the best way.

In this section, we are going to describe the relationship between a mother and a daughter. Through the drawing, we will describe the love of a mother and her daughter.

We are going to throw light on basic steps to draw mother’s day special drawing. Here You will be familiar with basic required tools and basic steps to make mother’s day special drawing.

Basic Requirements

Here are given the requirements for drawing. After getting the arrangement of the required tools, let’s start the drawing process.

  1. Drawing paper and drawing board
  2. DOMS pencil ( zoom ultimate dark)
  1. Eraser
  2. Sharpener
  3. Scale
  4. Black pointer
  5. Colors ( red, crimson, dark carmine, raw Sienna, pale orange)

Step by step guidelines for drawing

Here we are going to reveal the explanation of basic steps to make mother’s day special drawing. If you find difficulty in in understanding these easy steps you can visit our pinned video tutorial on mother’s day special given below the basic steps.

Step 1

Mother's Day Special Drawing

Set your drawing paper on the drawing board. Draw two rectangular shapes at the right bottom of the paper. On these rectangle shapes, draw a vertical line.

These are the baselines for the body of the mother. Using these baselines, draw the waist, legs, and shoe outlines of the mother. Draw layers of the dress from the bottom. As you can see in the picture above.

Step 2

Mother's Day Special Drawing

Now, according to the vertical line, draw the face outline of the mother. In the same way, trace the hair outline. Draw the neck and arm outlines of the mother. Trace the marks of eyes and eyebrows. As shown in the picture.

Step 3

Mother's Day Special Drawing

Now trace the dress and the body of the baby girl. Trace the mouth, hair, eyes, and arms.

Now draw the outlines of the dressing of the daughter. Draw the two hands of the mother with the daughter’s hand. By using an eraser, remove the extra baselines of the mother’s body.

Now use a scale and draw vertical and horizontal lines to trace the table lines. Draw the upper portion and legs of the table. The daughter is sitting at the table. As you can see in the picture above.

Step 4

Mother's Day Special Drawing

In step 4 take a black pointer and thick the whole outlines of the drawing. Draw the shoes of the daughter with a black pointer. Create curved lines in the front part of the head of the mother. Take a red color and fill it in the dress of the mother.

Now fill the same color in the dress of the daughter. By using crimson color, thick the outlines of the dress of the mother and the daughter. As shown in the picture above.

Step 5

Mother's Day Special Drawing

Start shading in the hair of the mother. Take a dark carmine color and fill it in the hair of the mother. Now again use this color in the hair to give a dark shade.

In the same way, color the hair of the daughter with the same color. Use crimson color in the shoes of the mother and her daughter. Follow the given figure.

Step 6

Mother's Day Special Drawing

Now, use raw Sienna color in the table. Color the legs and upper portion of the table with this color.

Now using crimson color, fill the lips of the mother and her daughter. Draw earrings of the mother. Use pale orange color in the skin of the mother and her daughters like arms, face, neck, hands, and waist.

Finally mother’s day special drawing is in front of your eyes. One can make mother’s day special drawing on mother’s day and can make her day more special.

Watch Our Pinned mother’s day special drawing for detailed explanation of steps.



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