Mother’s Day Drawing | Top Emotional Drawing

Mother’s Day Drawing: The pencil sketch is a very attractive and creative artwork. By sketching we can solve many problems in our society by giving different ideas. it’s a great way to fresh your mind.

By drawing and sketching, we can think in different ways and can depict it in our painting. It’s a mind refreshing activity. We can sketch for many purposes and can draw in any medium.

Here we are going to have a mother’s day drawing having specific emotion’s in it. Mother’s day. Mother’s day drawing is a fabulous idea to give a unique and surprising gift.

Required material:

  1. DOMS(zoom ultimate dark) pencil
  2. Paper board
  3. white-colored paper
  4. Eraser
  5. Cotton bud
  6. Scale

Basic guidelines for mother’s day drawing

Here are some basics and easy steps to drawn mother’s day drawing. Here are some short-term points but you can see the full video to have an explanation. You can have explained in detail to draw mother’s day drawing in the video.

Mother’s Day Drawing Step 1

Mother Day Drawing

Draw a line of 17.4cm. Draw another line of 9.7cm. The distance or width between these two lines should be 6.5cm.

Mother’s Day Drawing Step 2

Mother's day drawing

Now draw some dots on these lines by measuring the length. Place a scale on the line and draw dots on the line, one on 0cm then on 2.6cm, 6.5cm, and 17.4cm. Now place the scale on the second line and draw one point on 0cm than draw on 2cm, 4.2cm and 9.7cm.

Step 3

Mother's day drawing

Now take start from the second point or for and draw a curve line on the left side of the paper. The length of this line should equal the mainline. Then meat this line with the mainline. Make flare of the frock by outlining the lower side. Then meat this line with the mainline. Now again move to the upper side on the first point and draw a spontaneous line to the half of the paper. The diameter between this hypotenuse and the original line is 3cm. This will be converted into an arm as shown in the figure. Draw a line from point one to point 2 by following the figure.

Mother’s Day Drawing Step 4

Mother's day drawing

Now move to the lower side of drawing and draw the shoes of their girl. Then outline hairs by following this figure.

Mother’s Day Drawing Step 5 

Mother's day drawing


Now move to the right side and draw two lines from the second point to form the arm. Meet these two lines with the mother’s hand.    

Now draw lines from the second point to the lower side for making flare of a frock. Now again move to the second point and draw a line upward to the arm, on the front and backside. Move to the first point and draw a line toward the left to make the face of the girl. Then draw lines in the frock from lower to the upper side of mother and daughter.

Mother’s Day Drawing Step 6

Mother's day drawing


 Now draw the face of the girl clearly by drawing nose, eyes, and lips. Now outline hair and make a flower on the head. Erase the extra lines with an eraser.  

Step 8

Mother's day drawing

Fill the color in the shoes of both mother and daughter with a dark pencil. Now take a cotton bud and rub it on the lines of the frock. In this way, the lines in the frock will blend properly to show a stunning look.

Then move to the upper portion of the frock. Fill the upper portion with a black pencil by blending it two times. Repeat the same procedure with the girl’s frock. Draw a beautiful flowery design according to the figure to make the beautiful design on the lower portion. Then draw all the outlines again.

Now go to the right side, toward the girl. Make the design on the lower side of the frock the same as the mother’s frock. Now sketch hairs of girl by giving the final touch. Then draw the hairs of the mother. Now gives a final look to the sketch and erase extra lines.

An attractive and beautiful mother’s day drawing is ready now. It will be an amazing idea to gift this mother’s day drawing to your mother on special occasions.


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