Moonlight Scenery | Amazing Scenery Painting

Moonlight Scenery | Amazing Scenery Painting

Painting is a creative art that is mind refreshing and gives us relief from any societal problems. Here we are going to make an amazing moonlight scenery painting. Below have described some basic steps to prepare this unique painting.

Required Material

  1. Paper
  2. Drawing Board
  3. Brushes
  4. Water
  5. Red color
  6. Yellow color
  7. Violet color
  8. Black color
  9. Green color
  10. Brown color
  11. Guinn permanent marker

Basic steps of moonlight scenery painting

Here we are going to discuss every step in complete detail to paint moonlight scenery. You can see the explained steps in the given below video at the end of article. You will have an amazing and outstanding moonlight scenery painting by following these steps.

                     Step 1

Moonlight scenery

 First of all, take a handmade white paper and adjust it to the board. Now take a Guinn permanent marker and draw a house as shown in the figure. Draw the main door in front of the house. Also, draw a ventilator on the upper side of the door.

Draw lines horizontal on the roof with zig-zag fashion. Draw windows on the side rooms. Draw two lines in the window. One is horizontal and the other is vertical. Make thick outlines of the door.

  Step 2

Moonlight Scenery

Now draw a barren tree that has leaves. Draw outlines of the stem and its different branches. Then fill it with a black Guinn marker.

Step 3

Moonlight Scenery

 Now move to the left side of the paper and outline a tree. First, draw stem then branches of trees. Then draw leaves with a marker. Now fill the tree stem with black color.

Then move to the base of the plant and make the shape of grasses on the ground place and some small plants around the trees. Now draw some more trees on the side of the house and backside of the house.

Step 4

 Moonlight Scenery

Take a brush, dip into the water, and apply it to the whole painting before applying colors. Now take a painting brush, dip into blue color, and apply it to the painting. Draw a circle with a blue painting.

The circle should behind the dry tree with white color. Don’t fill any color in  this circle. This circle will be converted into the moon. Apply blue color on all the painting except in front of the door or moon.

After this application, let it dry. Now take a brush and apply green color on ground grasses and plants. Then apply on leaves of all trees.

After applying this, now move to the roof of the house, apply water with a brush, and then apply red color on it. Let it dry.

Step 5

Moonlight Scenery

 After applying red color on the roof, now take a brush and apply black color on it by mixing it with water. Now move to walls of the house, dip brush in water and apply on walls. Then paint the walls with a violet color.

After this apply black color on outlines of walls by blending it properly to look at night shadow. Now go to the windows, door, and ventilator and apply water on all of these.

Apply yellow color on windows and ventilator. Then paint a red color on the door and yellow on the upper side of the door.

Step 6

Moonlight Scenery

 Now take a black permanent marker and make a design in the door. Draw one vertical line in the center of the and four horizontal lines. Then take a brown color and apply on the stem of the tree and also on all branches of the tree.

When black and brown colors will blend it will give a natural look. Repeat the same prices with the second tree that is on the left side. Now move to the front of the door which has no color yet. Apply water in this area with a brush.

Draw a clear outline. Then apply red color to this place. Now a full night view with moonlight scenery. Moonlight scenery  is looking natural and gorgeous representing the nature.

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