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How to Paint a swan using            Mont Marte Paints

Mont Marte paint

Mont Marte is a brand of art products. Not only in Australia but also available in over 70 countries in the world. It is considered a leader in art-related products. Mont Marte paints have high boiling boiling. So there are less chances of melting and have stronger grip.

How to paint a swan using Mont Marte acrylic paint

Here we will discuss how to paint a beautiful swan using Mont Marte acrylic paint.

Required material

  1. Complete range of Mont Marte art products including paint colors and paintbrushes.
  2. Canvas
  3. Paper cutter
  4. The printed shape of a swan

  Step by step guidelines to paint a beautiful swan

  We are going to paint an amazing swan by using Mont Marte paints products. By using these products, you will be able to get amazing results for your painting. Mont Marte paints are best acrylic paints to give alive looks in any objects. Let’s start to paint a wonderful swan.

Step 1

Mont Marte paint

 Firstly we are going to set our canvas. The thing you need first to start is a paper print of your desired project. Tint your canvas into lemonade color. Because it is the dominant color of our project.

Take a plastic color palette and squeeze 1 part blue, 4 parts lemonade, and 3 parts of glossy medium color. Mix them well and spread horizontally on the half-canvas.

Now draw horizontal small elliptical lines with lemonade color by using the 12th angle brush. Follow the upper figure.

Step 2

Swan painting

 Now add blue color to the color palette and lie it to the top half of the canvas. Make wavy patterns with positive and negative lines. You will observe that the blue shade becomes lighter from the top to the lower side of the canvas.

Turn the side of your canvas in a way that the top becomes bottom and the bottom becomes top. We are going to paint the bottom half of the canvas. Squeeze some orange color to the color palette.

Make a pattern to the canvas by following the figure. Join the green and orange lines by creating small elliptical shapes.

Step 3

swan painting

Now again change the position of the canvas. Start to apply lemon color to the green color. Make patterns with small horizontal and elliptical lines. The edges of the lemon color look soft.

Now switch your attention to orange color and apply lemon color to it. This will help to create crazy thoughts. As shown in the figure above.

Now start work on the swan. Take a printed shape of a swan according to your canvas size. Cut its positive shape out of paper. Paste this shape at the correct position on the canvas by tape.

Now attach its negative on the positive shape. Remove the positive from the canvas. Take a 75mm paint roller. Apply white paint on the negative shape of the swan. Remain as consistent as you can. Now remove the negative paper and paint the swan well by using white paint and a small brush. Follow the given figure.


Step 4

swan painting

Apply orange color to the beak and black color to the nose of the swan. Use blue color to the back of the body and blend it with white, so the transition is smooth. By using blue color, paint the reflected areas of swan in the water. Apply it to highly reflected areas of the swan.

Now give the detailed look to your painting. An amazing and wonderfully planed painting image is in front of you. If painting is your hobby then it is going to add an amazing turning point in  your collection. And for earning process this painting may also prove beneficial for you.

Basic instruction regarding painting a swan

One must think of abstraction. In abstraction, you need continuous changes with your canvas.

Crayons are best instead of pencil colors in paintings. They present the best color.

Try to find out little mistakes by seeing your painting with different angles.


click here to wath full video tutorial

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