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Showpiece Craft At Home

showpiece craft lover? If yes then you will be happy to read that today we are going to make a mini bicycle craft at home. We will make this craft by using some useless things at home. Mini bicycle showpiece craft is a decorative craft . Mini Bicycle that we are going to make is a simply and beautifully designed craft. In this article we will make this craft step by step. So please have patience and be with us. So let’s start.

Make Step By Step Mini Bicycle Showpiece Craft

We will make this craft in just very simple and few steps. If you will follow us then I’m sure you will be able to make a craft like this by sitting on your own place with using some simple things

First of all we will take a metal ring which we will use as bicycle tire.

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We will take a metallic pin. We will use this pin as bicycle tire spokes. As shown in images you just need to set these pins as we see in bicycle tires.

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We will arrange these spokes with gum as shown in images above. Then we will take a metallic pipe as shown above. We will use this pipe in center of the circle to make the grip of spokes stronger and to make a space to fit the handle and tire controller rod in the center of the tire.

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Now we have tires ready for our bicycle. So our next step will be to create a handle and tire controller rod. So to make this it we will take metallic rod and turn this rod as given shape. When we will have our handle and tire controller then will fit it center of tire where we have fitted a metallic nozzle pipe as to fit this handle.

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Next step is to make a bicycle handle .So to make this handle we will take softer metallic pipe pipe which will easily turn able in any shape. and we will convert it to the handle shape as shown in diagram. It is very easy to make a handle. Just draw a handle shape on a paper and put pipe on the drawn diagram and turn it as drawn shape. Next we will make a joint under handle using metallic pipe piece. With help of this joint we will join handle with the handle controller. Now we have made front of the cycle including tire, handle and tire controller rod and handle.

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Now we have to make the body frame of remaining bicycle. So to make this frame first of all we have to make a connecting rod that will connect handle and back part of cycle. And then we will move to 2nd step as shown in images above. so we will make a connector to connect the bicycle rare tire and to rod on which we will fit our seat and to connect the rod to give support to whole structure of the body. This supportive rod we will fit making angle of 60 degree. And now we will take a straight rod. We will connect rod with handle and rod on which we will fix our bicycle seat.

Child Crafts Bicycle New Easy at home Child Crafts Bicycle New Easy at home









In this step we will make two things.1st is side stand of bicycle and 2nd is to make seat of bicycle. To make stand of the bicycle is very simple. You can just turn a metal rod in the side stand shape using your hand. It’s quite easy to turn the softer metallic rod in any shape. Then we will make seat for bicycle. To make seat for bicycle we will first make metallic sketch of seat. Then we will knit the seat with metallic springs. We will cover this seat with foam sheet. Now we will fit this seat.

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We have completed our bicycle structure. Now we will color this bicycle according to our imagination . Our mini bicycle showpiece craft is now ready to fit it as decorative showpiece.

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Watch Video Tutorial .


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