Learn Free Metal Leaves Crafts at Home in 5-Steps

Hey dear friends! Today we will discuss about How to make Metal leaves step by step easy at Home . It is a very beautiful and artistic craft. With the help of metal, you can make beautiful showpieces for your home. It will also give you different ideas of various things made by metal. I hope you like it. As you can see this is a very beautiful craft and looks very stylish.

How to make Metal leaves step by step easy at Home

Today I will teach you how can make beautiful leaves by metal? For making metal leaves you have need an iron piece and some other tools, for cutting and designing the leaves. Let’s start friends.

Metal Leaves

Metal Leave

Important Tools:

An Iron piece, circular saw, a nail, elbow mould, hammer and bauker tool.

Step 1

Iron Piece

In first step we need an iron piece for make leaves.

Step 2


Take a nail and draw three leaves on an iron piece as shown the following pictures.  

Step 3

Circular saw

Circular saw is a tool which is used to cutting the iron. Cut three leaves with the Circular Saw, which have you drawn with the nail. Cut leaves according to these pictures.

Step 4

Elbow moulid

Elbow moulid is used to fix the metal. It helps us to make the vain of leaves. Hammer is also used to design the vain. Put the leaves under the elbow moulid and then hit the hammer on the elbow moulid to design the straight vain on leaves. In the same way designed the other vain of leaves.

Step 5

Bauker Tool:

Bauker Tool almost use the sharpen iron but there we use to design the best size and shape of leaves. Take a leaf and make beautiful from top to bottom use the bauker tool. Do the same you designed the other two leaves.

Beautiful metal leaves are ready now you can use it for home decoration.


These are beautiful metal leaves that you can use for home decoration. You need to be very careful while makes them. Use these tools to protect yourself and use protective item so that you can make them was not harmed in any way. Keep children away from metal tools when make metal items. Most importantly, who are not skilled or unprofessional for make metal things should be avoided to make this metal leaves.


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