Merry Christmas Drawing for kids in 6 Easy Steps C4Crafts

Merry Christmas drawing: This drawing session will cover the basic and easy steps to make a Gingerbread man with a Santa Claus hat on his head.

Requirements for Merry Christmas drawing

Here are given the tools that are the basic requirements of drawing. Access the following material and start drawing to make the Christmas event memorable.

  • Drawing board
  • Marker paper
  • Prisma color markers

6 Easy steps guidance

Here is given a complete step by step guide for the drawing of the gingerbread man. Read out the given guidelines thoroughly and start the drawing process.

Merry Christmas Drawing Step 1

Merry Christmas DrawingIn the first step of drawing a gingerbread man, adjust the drawing paper on the drawing board. For drawing, use a black color marker. Because we need thickness and dark outlines of the drawing.

Using a black marker, outline the face. The face outline is oval-shaped. Now we are going to draw the Santa hat on the head of the gingerbread man. Draw a curved line over the head with a small distance. Join the two ends of the head and the line through a curved vertical line. The lower part of the Santa hat is complete.

Now trace the top of the hat. Draw a conical-shaped part of the hat as shown in the picture of step 1. Trace a circle to the right side of the hat. It is a decorative part of the hat.

Merry Christmas Drawing Step 2

Merry Christmas Drawing

In the second step of the gingerbread man drawing, draw the inner look of the face. Draw different parts of the face. First, draw the circular eyes of the man. Then draw small circles on the right and left side of the eye. After this, using a black color marker, fill the inner portion of the eye except for small circles.

By doing this, you will notice a shine in the eyes of the man. Draw the eyebrows of the gingerbread man to the upper side of both eyes. Create a smile by drawing a curved line below the eyes. As you can see in the picture.

Merry Christmas Drawing Step 3

Merry Christmas Drawing

In the third step of Christmas drawing, draw a flower to the lower side of the chin. For this purpose, draw two circles under the chin. Join the circles with a rounded attachment. Trace two lines in the circles according to the given picture of the gingerbread man. Draw the right and left arm using parallel and rounded lines.

Merry Christmas Drawing Step 4

Merry Christmas Drawing

In the fourth step of drawing a gingerbread man, draw the lower part of the body. Using vertical lines, draw the waist of the man. Now trace the rounded legs of the gingerbread man as you can see from the given picture of step 4.

Merry Christmas Drawing Step 5

Merry Christmas Drawing

In the fifth step of Christmas drawing, draw the design of the dress of the gingerbread man. Trace two parallel lines on the right side of the arm. Then draw two zigzag lines next to the parallel lines. Do the same drawing with another arm.

In the same way, create designing to the right and left-sided legs. Draw two circles to the lower side of the chin. These small circles are indicating the buttons of the dress. Now trace a heart shape on the dress of the gingerbread man. Look at the given picture above.

Merry Christmas Drawing Step 6

Merry Christmas Drawing

In the last and final step of drawing, start the coloring process in Christmas drawing. Use a red color marker for the filling of the top part of the hat, heart shape, legs, and under chin flower. Use green color for the designing of the arms.

Fill the blue color to the eyes and buttons of the dress. In the lower button, use yellow color. To give it a ginger look, fill the ginger color to the face and the remaining parts of the dress.

The Christmas drawing of “A gingerbread man with Santa hat” is finished now. watch below the complete video session for easy understanding to give ideal look to your drawing.


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