Lion Drawing | Easy Animal Drawing Ideas

Lion Drawing: Here we have brought a new session on animal drawing for beginners and kids. We are going to draw a cute lion drawing in a very easy and just a few steps. Follow the given below guidelines and start drawing with us.

Required material for lion drawing

Here are given the requirements for drawing. The tools that are required for drawing are affordable. Get access to these tools and start drawing.

  • Drawing paper
  • Drawing board
  • Drawing marker
  • Prisma color markers

Step by step guidelines for drawing

In this section, detailed guidance for animal drawing is given. Get an understanding of the given steps and start the drawing of the king of animals ” Lion “.

Lion Drawing Step 1

Lion Drawing

Take a marker paper for your drawing. Adjust it on the drawing board. Using a Prisma black color marker, outline the face of the lion. Use a “U” shaped line for the outline of the face.

Now draw two rounded ears on the top of the head. Join the ear lines with a single flat line. Draw a circle in each ear. These are the inner layers of the ears. Follow the given picture of step 1.

Lion Drawing Step 2

Lion Drawing| Explore New Drawing Ideas

In this 2nd step of drawing, draw two circles in the outline of the face. These are the eye outlines of the lion. Draw two small circles in the eyes. Trace some squares to the lower portion of the eyes. Fill the eyes of the lion except for the inner circles and squares. Use a black marker to fill it.

Trace an oval shape in the center of the eyes. Fill it by leaving some white space. This space creates shine in the nose and eyes of the lion. You can observe this glow from the given picture. Now draw small lines above the eyes as the eyebrows of the lion.

Lion Drawing Step 3

Lion Drawing| Explore New Drawing Ideas

In the third step of drawing a lion, draw the nostrils of the nose. For nostrils, draw two joined curved lines. Now draw two lines on the left cheek and two on the right cheek. These lines are for the front hairs of the lion’s face. To draw the outer fur of the lion, use a zig-zag line with soft ends. Draw the fur all across the face. As you can see from the given picture of step 3.

Lion Drawing Step 4

Lion Drawing| Explore New Drawing Ideas

In the fourth step of drawing, start drawing the lower part of the body. Draw two parallel and vertical lines for the legs of the lion. Then draw two more parallel lines to the inner side of the first lines. Trace the paws of the lion using oval-shaped lines. Draw two small lines in the paws of the lion. Look at the given picture.

Lion Drawing Step 5

Lion Drawing| Explore New Drawing Ideas

In this step of lion drawing, draw the back legs of the lion. Trace one leg to the right side and the other to the left side of the front legs. According to the picture, draw the back paws of the lion.

Lion Drawing Step 6

Lion Drawing| Explore New Drawing Ideas

In the sixth step, draw the curved tail of the lion to the right side. For the tail, draw two lines. After this, draw the brush of the tail. Outline of the tail and its brush. Use a petal-style line for the brush. Draw a heart shape to the body of the lion. Then, draw the grassy area under the lion’s body.

Lion Drawing Step 7

Lion Drawing| Explore New Drawing Ideas

The last step is the final step of the drawing process. Start the coloring process of the drawing. Fill the brown color to the fur and tail brush of the lion. Also, fill it in the heart shape and inner ear. Use pale green color to the grassy surface. Then, use orange color to the face and lower body of the lion. Fill a light shade of orange to the paws of the lion.

The lion drawing is complete now. Have a look at our video tutorial which given below for a better explanation of these defined steps.


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