Laughing Emoji Drawing | How To Draw Emoji For Laughing Day

Laughing Emoji Drawing: The required tools for drawing are given below. Get assemble these requirements and start drawing.

  • Drawing paper ( hard)
  • Drawing board
  • Lead pencil
  • Prisma color markers
  • Compass / circular shape
  • Eraser

Step by step guidelines

Here is given a comprehensive guide for the drawing of an emoji character. Follow the given instructions and steps carefully.

Laughing Emoji Drawing Step 1

Laughing Emoji Drawing

In the first step of drawing an emoji with tears, take a drawing paper. Adjust it with a drawing board. We are going to draw a circle on a drawing paper.

Using a compass draw a circle with a lead pencil. If you don’t have a compass, arrange some circular-shaped lid of an inkpot or something else. Putting it on the paper, trace the circle on the paper around the lid with a black Prisma marker. Remove the lid of the inkpot from your paper.

If you have used a compass and lead pencil, then trace the circle with a marker after you have drawn with a pencil. We need the thickness and darkness of the line.

Mark two dots in the circle for eye positioning. Join these dots in arc style and draw the upper line of the eye. In the same way, draw the other eye outline.

Laughing Emoji Drawing Step 2

Laughing Emoji Drawing

In the second step of the drawing of a laughing emoji having tears, draw the inner arc line to the lower side of the first arc. Do the same thing with the other eye. The complete drawing process of the lines is with a black marker. You may also use a lead pencil and trace it later with a marker.

After tracing the inner arcs of both eyes, fill the eyes outlined with black marker color. In the same way, draw the eyebrows to the left and right side of the eyes of an emoji. Thick the outlines of eyebrows.

Draw two teardrops under the eyes. Only outline tears. Join both tears with one line. This is the line for upper teeth. Look at the given picture.

Laughing Emoji Drawing Step 3

Laughing Emoji Drawing

In the third step of drawing, we will complete the lines of the mouth of an emoji. Following the upper line of teeth, draw the lower line of teeth. This is also attached to teardrops from both sides.

Again following the teardrops of an emoji, draw the lower line of the mouth. This line is arc-shaped because we are drawing an emoji with an opened mouth. In the opposite direction of this line, draw a curved line according to the picture of step 3. This is the line of the tongue of an emoji.

Laughing Emoji Drawing Step 4

Laughing Emoji Drawing| How To Draw Laughing Emoji

The fourth step of drawing is the start of the coloring process of an emoji. Use yellow to fill it. Fill only the facial parts of the shape. Create smoothness in the filling of the color. Don’t leave a single dot without color except for tears and open mouths. As you can see in the picture above.

Laughing Emoji Drawing Step 5

Laughing Emoji Drawing| How To Draw Laughing Emoji

In the fifth step of drawing, continue the process of coloring. Use brown color to fill the inner parts of the opened mouth except for teeth and tongue. As you can see in the picture above. Fill out the red marker color to the tongue of an emoji.

Laughing Emoji Drawing Step 6

Laughing Emoji Drawing

The sixth step is the final step of drawing a laughing emoji with tears. We are going to give it a final look by coloring the teardrops of eyes. Use sky blue color to fill it. Leave some white space in teardrops to create shine in the drops. Double shade the drop where needed the dark shade of sky blue color.

The drawing of “A laughing emoji drawing with teardrops” is complete now.


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