Laughing Boy Drawing | Easy Drawing At Laughing Day

Laughing Boy Drawing: Here we are going to draw a laughing boy drawing For Laughing Day Drawing. The boy symbolizes a life full of fun. You can draw this art for your friends to make them happy and smile. The drawing can bring happiness to crying faces. Kids can draw this for their dear ones. Laughing boy drawing is also suitable for world laughter day.

Basic Requirements for Laughing Boy drawing

Here we described the tools that are required for the drawing of a boy. The tools and mechanisms are short in number and accessible. Get the following tools and start drawing.

  • Drawing paper
  • Drawing board
  • Lead pencil ( optional )
  • Eraser ( if needed)
  • Prisma black color marker

Step by step guidelines for the drawing

Here is given the complete step by step information for the drawing process. Arrange the given tools, follow the given instructions, and start drawing.

Laughing Boy Drawing Step 1

Laughing Boy Drawing       

In the starting point of drawing a laughing boy, set your drawing paper with a drawing board. The drawing process is going to start with a color marker. So, use the drawing paper of high quality. It is better to use marker paper for your drawing.

Outline the face including the chin and cheeks of the boy. Now draw the lines for the head and hairs of the laughing boy. Trace zig-zag lines for the best presentation of hairs. Using the same color marker, outline ears that are attached to the face and head.

Trace the eyes of the boy using a “v” shaped line. Mark the point for the nose using a small line. Start to draw the opened mouth of the laughing boy. Fill the inner portion of the mouth with the same black color marker. Leave the parts of teeth and tongue without coloring. Look at the picture of step 1.

Laughing Boy Drawing Step 2

Laughing Boy Drawing         

In the second step of drawing, continue the process of tracing the outlines for the body of the laughing boy. Draw the shoulders lines of the boy. In the same way, draw the sleeves and left arm of the laughing boy. Trace the right hand and fingers according to the given picture above.

Laughing Boy Drawing Step 3

    Laughing Boy Drawing

In the third step of drawing a laughing boy, trace the curved arm of the right side of the boy. After this, trace the hand of the boy. Using the same marker, draw the four fingers. As this is not a drawing of a real boy so we can draw four instead of five fingers.

Complete the outline for the central body like the waist and abdomen. Draw two parallel lines for one leg of the trousers of the boy. Join the two ends of both parallel lines using a single horizontal line. Using the same technique, draw the other leg of the laughing boy. Look at the picture of step 3.

Laughing Boy Drawing Step 4

Laughing Boy Drawing     

In the fourth step of this drawing, we are going to draw the shoes of the boy. For this purpose, outline the shoes first. The boy is wearing a closed covering pair of shoes. Trace the bottom line of the shoes. Now draw the lines of the lace of the shoes of the boy. As you can see from the given picture.

Laughing Boy Drawing Step 5 

Laughing Boy Drawing          

In the last and final step of drawing a boy, give the drawing a final look. Start the color filling process here. Using black color marker fills the hairs of the boy with dark shade. Create smoothness, softness to the hair colors.

Leave some space for the head without color. So you may get a shiny look from the hairs of the boy. Follow the given picture of the final step to finishing your drawing.

The drawing of “A laughing boy” is complete now. You may also get help from our below-pinned video tutorial.




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