Landscape Painting | 5 Steps for Beginners

Landscape Painting

Landscape Painting

Overview to evening landscape painting

Landscape painting, and painting present a beautiful picture of natural beauty. The painters who loves to cover the natural beauty of sunset usually prefer to paint landscape paintings as this kinds of painting raise their imaginations.

Painting is not a difficult art but you need to pay little bit focus on using brushes . Having some proper guidance on the uses of brushes you can turn your imaginations into reality.

We will put in front of you all the easy and basic steps to paint a landscape painting. Let’s have a look on 37 easy steps to paint a landscape painting.

    Required material for painting

Some necessary tools for drawing are given below:

  1. Canvas
  2.  Colors
  3.  Color palette
  4.  Brushes of different sizes
  5.  Canvas stand

    landscape paintings on canvas

Step 1

Landscape Painting

Adjust canvas on the canvas stand and start your drawing. Starting with yellow color, draw according to the figure.  Now outline with a grey color. Fill it with a yellow colored brush. Fill red color to the upper side of the yellow color. Also, merge and blend it with yellow color. Now blend black color with red color to give it a brownish look as shown in the figure.

Step 2

Landscape painting

Draw a white line over yellow color.  Make a half circle with white color. Fill its inner side with white color. Blend a little light yellow color with a white circle. Spread white color below the circle to give it a natural look of the sun. Draw small white lines below the sun to create sun rays. You will see that the sun and its rays in water are obvious.

Step 3

landscape painting


Now fill the yellowish color in the white part. Draw black lines outer side of the yellow color. Blend yellow and black with green color. Now draw two small huts on a yellow color. Fill the black color on one side of each hut. As shown in the figure. Fill the red color with the lower side and draw trees with a black brush. Add red color in the middle tree object.  Blend parrot and green color on the other two tree objects. Create windows and doors of huts with black color.  Add yellow color on the roofs.

Step 4

Landscape Painting


draw a leafless and barren tree with brown color and draw leaves and branches of that tree by using a sprinkled green brush. Merge red color with yellow on the leaves. Now fill yellowish and green color on the remaining white part of the canvas. Blend some red color with it.


Step No 5

Landscape Painting

Now, we will create a bridge. For this purpose, draw black lines according to the figure. Fill it with black color. Draw thick orange lines on the black color. Blend orange and white. Draw both sides of the bridge as shown in the figure.  create small herbs and plants with black color. And overcoat it with green color .Using a red brush, draw small-sized flowers on green plants.

After all on the other side, make blue flowers. Draw a small boat in the water using black and red colors and some birds sketches as shown in main image.

The beautiful and natural evening time landscape is ready. Let it get dry.

   Basic tips and instructions

1) You can also use a homemade canvas for this painting.

2) Use brushes of small and large sizes as per your object size.

3) Use colors according to the step by step attached images. Follow each step carefully.

4) Always try to draw far objects first and nearer objects later.

5) Try to give a detailed look at your painting by specific techniques.

   Uses of landscape painting

Landscape paintings are used for decoration purposes. You can adjust it on your house walls. However, the best adjustment of such paintings is near doorways, stairs, and corridors.

An evening time landscape provides an opportunity to observe natural beauty closely.

6) FAQ

1) Which canvas did you use for drawing?

Ans: It is a homemade canvas that is always best for landscape drawings.

2) Why to give an orange touch to the water?

Ans: As you can see that in the evening time, the sky is of orange color, water reflects the color of the sky and the sun. That is why the color of the water is also a mixture of red and orange.

3) Why should we always draw far objects first?

Ans: It is a technique of drawing that will do a lot in making your painting active. Imagine your drawing objects and give them a visual form.

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