Lamp and Spotlight you can make at home very easily

Lamp and Spotlight: We strive to bring you new inventions and new ideas. Today, in this effort, we are going to share with you the idea of ​​making lamps and searchlights. Easy crafts that you can make at home very easily.

Lamp and Spotlight Making Requirments

First, We need small DC-bulbs and small batteries to make lamps and searchlights at home. More We will need plastic bottles and a plastic pipe and a cutter.

We will also need pop sticks and glue guns to make these two simple and cool crafts.

Lamp and Spotlight Making At Home 

First of all, we cut the pipe. Then we make a wooden stand for the lamp. Now, we have to fit a DC bulb in the pipe. Bulb connection is drawn out of the pipe from other end of the pipe.

Lamp and spotlight devising procedure is elaborated in the given video. Watch the video DIY lamp and searchlight making at home.


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