Kim Namjoon Sketch | 7 Magical Steps Pencil sketch Drawing of BTS

Kim Namjoon Sketch: Pencil sketching is an art full of fun and amazing techniques. These techniques are used to draw wonderful objects most simply and more easily. It is such a useful kind of art that is used for the expression of many kinds of scenes and happenings including natural and biological effects.

Here, we are going to make a BTS character Kim Namjoon sketch. Kim Namjoon is one of those 7 members that are known as BTS boys collectively. Here BTS stands for “Bang tan boys“. The group of these boys also known as bulletproof boy scouts internationally.

Required tools For Pencil sketch Drawing of BTS 

The given tools are required to have a BTS character Kim Namjoon Sketch. Assemble the given tools and hit your sketching goal.

  1. DOMS 4B pencil     : (zoom ultimate dark)
  2. Drawing paper along with drawing board
  3. Eraser
  4. Sharpener
  5. Blending stump tool
  6. Paintbrush

Step by step guidelines for sketching of  Kim Namjoon 

Here is given the complete guide to making a Kim Namjoon sketch.  Follow the given steps to make your favorite Kim Namjoon sketch for you. Video tutorial on Kim Namjoon sketch is also pinned at the end of steps.

Kim Namjoon Sketch (Step 1)

Kim Namjoon Sketch

At the starting point, set your drawing paper on the drawing board. Using DOMS 4B pencil, draw two straight parallel lines as the outlines of the arm. At the ending point, draw two vertical lines parallel lines as the cuffed corner.

Now draw the hand of the boy. Trace the finger lines to the inner side of the palm. Draw nail lines according to the given picture of the 1st step.

Kim Namjoon Sketch (Step 2)

Kim Namjoon Sketch

Now draw the inner lines of the fingers and palm. Trace the face line according to the picture. Draw the right eye of the boy behind the arm. The half-eye is visible. Outline the eyelid, eye lens, and eyebrows. In the same way, trace the left eye of the BTS person.

Now trace the outlines of the headband. As you can see in the given picture.

Kim Namjoon Sketch (Step 3)

Kim Namjoon Sketch

Start tracing the hair of the boy. Draw hairlines by using special techniques. Some hairs are on the right side. Some are on the left and backside of the head. While some hairs are on the front of the headband and right eye. Complete the hairline tracing according to the picture.

Kim Namjoon Sketch (Step 4)

Kim Namjoon Sketch

Now trace the ear lines of the boy. Draw the dressing of the BTS boy. Thick the eye lines. Give dark shade to the eye lens. Draw the hair of the eyebrows and thick their shading.

Now start the shading and blending process. Shade in the parts of the above eyes, under eyes, nose lines, ear lines, and hands. Now blend this shading with a blending stump tool. Create softness in shading as you can see in the picture above.

Kim Namjoon Sketch (Step 5)

Kim Namjoon Sketch

In 5th step, give hair a final look. Thick the outlines of hair. Start shading to the hairs. Keep in mind the different layers of the hairs. Shade the hairs according to their direction.

Now create a pattern in the headband according to the figure. Fill the dark shade in the remaining part of the headband. As you can see in the picture.

Kim Namjoon Sketch (Step 6)

Kim Namjoon Sketch

In the final step, fill the dark shade of pencil in the dressing of the BTS boy. Thick the lines where needed. Create a collar of the shirt to the underside of the arm.

Now use a paintbrush to blend this shading. Draw hair to the front side of the ear as you can see in the picture above. Create a straight-lining pattern in the cuffed pants. Give it a final look.

A beautiful pencil sketch of a BTS person  Kim Namjoon is complete now.

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Watch our attached video tutorial on Kim Namjoon sketch for a better understanding of these steps.




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