Infinite love Drawing Romantic Couple 2020

Infinite love Drawing: Drawing or illustration is an amazing, stunning, and unbelievable kind of skill. By using this skill, artists create wonderful objects on a piece of paper.

A person can’t believe that what artists can create using simple tools. The reason behind this approach is the difference between the vision of two different persons. The vision is all about the imagination of an artist.

An artist can feel the things and small changes very effectively than another person. By using these sharp feelings about everything, an artist can draw wonderful scenes.

Here we are going to make the infinite love drawing of the boy and the girl. Infinite love drawing is representing the love promise of a couple. The detailed study of this section will help you out to make a drawing masterpiece.

Requirements for drawing

For infinite love drawing, assemble the following materials.

  1. Tracing  paper
  2. Drawing board
  3. DOMS pencil 4B

(Zoom ultimate dark)

  1. Scale
  2. Eraser
  3. Sharpener
  4. Blending stump tool/cotton buds

 Guidelines to draw the infinite love of the boy and the girl

Here we will throw light on some basic and essentials steps to make infinite love drawing. Here We will describe some easy and basic steps. For more deep detail of steps, you can visit our pinned video tutorial in the last two steps.

Infinite love Drawing Step 1

Infinite love Drawing Romantic Couple

In the very first moment, set your paper on the drawing board. Now draw three horizontal and parallel lines. The distance between the first two lines is 2.5cm. And the distance between the last two lines is 5cm. As shown in the figure.

These lines are the baseline for drawing two hands. Draw two fingers of the boy and the girl crossing each other. As you can see in the picture.

Infinite love Drawing Step 2

Infinite love Drawing Romantic Couple

Now draw the thumb of the boy on the left side of the finger. In the same way, draw the hand and close the fingers of the girl on the right side of the paper. I

f you observe, you can see an infinity sign on your drawing paper. That sign has been made by the angles of the fingers of the boy and the girl. Follow the given figure.

Infinite love Drawing Step 3

Infinite love Drawing Romantic Couple      

Now draw the closed fingers to the inner side of the palm one by one. Create a perfect look at the fingers of the girl. At the ending corner of each finger, draw nails. Draw the arm of the girl. Remove additional lines from the nails. As shown in the given picture.

Infinite love Drawing Step 4

Infinite love Drawing Romantic Couple

In step 4, draw an infinity love sign on top of the drawing. Remove additional baselines from the drawing. Draw nails of the boy. Trace the sleeve of the boy now. Create rings in the fourth finger of the girl.

Now draw a small circled string in the arm of the girl. Draw a small heart shape on the one end of the string. The girl is wearing a bracelet. You can see in the figure of step 4.

Infinite love Drawing Step 5

Infinite love Drawing Romantic Couple

Start shading beside fingers and the sleeves. Now start blending. Take a blending tool, and blend the shading effects. Try to create a smooth effect on shading.

Thick the outlines of the fingers. Now take a pencil and fill the nails with black color. Leave some white space without coloring to get a shiny effect on nails. Fill the circles of the bracelet with black color. Also, fill the heart shape of it, that is hanging along with the bracelet.

Fill the sleeve of the boy with black shade. Blend this shading with a tool. Draw small lines on the fingers to create hair on the surface.

A beautiful and amazing infinite love drawing of a boy and the girl is complete now.

Here you can watch our pinned video tutorial on infinite love drawing for deep detail of steps.




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