How To Make A Paper Airplane

How To Make A Paper Airplane

Paper Airplane

Paper Airplane

Paper crafting is such an easy and affordable technique for preparing many items cheaply for decorative and earning purpose. You don’t need any special skill in using paper in different and stylistic ways. Just imagine your desired item and convert it into reality. You can make a pencil box, gift box, flowers, refrigerators, decoration pieces, wall hangings, toys, and much more by using just paper.

Here we will describe the throughout process that how to make a paper airplane. Let’s start to make a speedy F-15 paper airplane.

Required material

There is a required material for making a speedy F-15 airplane.

1:US letter (8.5inch x 11inch)


Basic steps to make paper airplane

We are going to start to make an amazing F-15 airplane by using paper craft. Follow and observe each step carefully to make this stylish and unique paper airplane.

Step 1

paper airplane

Take a blue-colored US Letter paper having a size of 8.5in x 11 in. Fold it vertically in such a way that the shape of the paper becomes rectangular. Follow the figure below.


Step 2

Pape airplane

Now fold its one corner to the inner side. In the same way, fold the other corner. You will get the following shape of paper after folding. Now open the first folding and refold it from the top corner to the middle of the paper. Press and set it. It will present the shape of a mailing letter now.

Step 3

paper airplane

Fold it to the reverse side and press it gently and smoothly to make a mark of folding. Open the last two folding.

Step 4

paper airplane

Now fold again at the first folding on both sides. After having marks of both folding, remove the folding and fold it according to step 3. Fold it to the reverse side and press it smoothly. Fold both edges of the paper in the given way. Follow the figure carefully.

Step 5

paper airplane

Now open the very first folding to the outer side. And fold it to the inner side of the existing crease. Do the same step on both edges. Fold the middle edges of the paper to the outer side to make a reference point. Open this folding and fold it now to the inner side by following the reference points.

Step 6

paper airplane

Fold the corner from the middle of the paper to the outer side. Fold the second edge in the same way. Now fold all the folding together from the middle line of the paper.

Step 7

paper airplane

By using scissors, cut the down edge of the airplane in the following way. Fold reverse to the last folding again. Fold the cutouts down edges to the outer side. Open its folding now. You will see an airplane before you. Lastly, fold its middle two sides to join them together.

A speedy F-15 paper airplane jet is ready to fly according to your imaginations. Paper airplane can be used as playing craft for children’s. It may also used for some practical experiments to know the value of angles and degrees. You can also used paper airplane for may decoration purpose.

Best throwing tip for flying F-15 paper airplane

Bend the back edges of the wings up slightly to compensate for its tendency to dive. Throw the plane at a 20 to 30-degree angle, and it should soar nicely through the air.

Important instructions to follow

To prepare a speedy paper airplane, you will have to keep in mind some important factors.

1:Use a paper of nice quality and standard weight to make airplanes.

2:To get the speed of the airplane, add paper cuttings to the wings of the airplane.

3:Need proper paper cutting edge process to give the ideal look. You should be familiar with value of angles to make it better fly.

Important FAQS

  1. Which paper is best for paper airplanes?

Ans: Lightweight paper is best for paper airplanes. However, you can also use cardboard for this purpose.

  1. What is the technique to make speedy airplanes?

Ans:  Many people prefer to add clips to different parts of their planes to make them fly better.

3: Which paper airplane can fly the best?

Ans: There exist more advanced paper airplanes that can fly the best. According to the experts opinion’s The Hammer paper airplane flies the best.

Click here to watch full video tutorial.

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