How To Draw Crying Girl | Easy Steps Drawing

Crying Girl Drawing: Pencil sketching is an art that can describe the throughout figure without any complexity. This art requires simple tools. Yet the outcomes are also simple but narrate the complete and amazing structure of the picture. That is why it is said that pencil sketching is the simplest form but a wonderful kind of art and Drawing.

Today we are going to make the simplest drawing of a crying girl using a pencil. Basic tools and essential steps to complete crying girl drawing are mentioned below.

Required material Crying Girl Drawing:

You need to assemble this basic material before making a crying girl sketch.

  1. Drawing paper
  2. Drawing board
  3. DOMS (Zoom ultimate dark) pencil
  4. Faber Castell pencil
  5. Sharpener
  6. Ear stick
  7. Eraser

Crying Girl Drawing Easy steps Guide:

Here is a complete explanation of the basic steps to make a crying girl sketch. These easy and basic steps will definitely help you out to make this unique drawing.

You can also watch our pinned video tutorial on how to make a crying girl drawing with easy steps.

Sad Girl Drawing (Step 1)

Crying Girl Easy Drawing

First of all, fix the paper on the drawing board. Now draw a curved line that is representing the hair outline. Now draw a straight vertical line. Then draw one horizontal line that will pass from the center of the vertical line.

Now draw the face outline, that is Starting from the almost lower nose area and coming towards the chin. Reverse the face line to the left side of the vertical line.

The purpose of these two, vertical and horizontal lines is that we will draw face parts with the help of these basic lines.

Sad Girl Drawing (Step 2)

Crying Girl Easy Drawing

Now outline eyes according to the horizontal line. Then draw the circular shape lenses in both eyes. Then shades in lenses.

Sad Girl Drawing (Step 3)

Crying Girl Easy Drawing

 After drawing the eye lens, draw the lines of the eyelids. Now outline eyebrows. After this draw very thin hair of eyebrows that are originating from the base eyebrow line.

Sad Girl Drawing (Step 4)

Crying Girl Easy Drawing

Now draw the nose lines with the help of baselines. Complete the shape of nose outlines by drawing some curved lines. Center the centerline of lips. By following this central line, draw the upper and lower lip according to the figure.

Sad Girl Drawing (Step 5)

Crying Girl Easy Drawing

Now remove all the additional baselines. Then draw the tears on the face that are arising from the eyes. Draw the structure of the ear on the left side of the face.

Now draw some basic lines in the hair. Then draw the outlines of hair that are arising toward the front. Also, draw the neckline toward the shoulders.

Sad Girl Drawing (Step 6)

                  Crying Girl Easy Drawing                           

Now sharpen the pencil with the help of a sharpener. Collect the graphite powder. After collecting, take an ear stick and dip it in powder. Then contour the nose area with the help of this ear stick.

Then apply this powder on eyelids to give a real look. Now apply this powder to the lips. After this contour the jawlines. Then apply this graphite powder on the forehead. Now apply the powder in the ears and on the neck area. After contouring the face, draw the eyelashes.

Sad Girl Drawing (Step 7)

Crying Girl Easy Drawing


Now divide hair into two sections. Draw the central line. Start shading in hairs. Shade in the right and left section. Then thick the outline of front hairs.

Sad Girl Drawing (Step 8)

Crying Girl Easy Drawing

Now enlarge hair toward the front side. Then outline the dress and shoulder area. Finally, the stunning picture of a crying girl is ready to see as shown in the figure.

Here is our pinned video tutorial for a complete explanation.

Instructions regarding pencil sketching

  1. For pencil sketching, the pencil should be of the highest quality.
  2. Avoid smudging in your articulation process. Use tissue paper for this purpose.
  3. Contouring matters a lot. It can change the look of a figure completely. Contour the face lines properly. Keep in mind, the chin, nose, cheeks, and jawlines.



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