How To Draw Closed Eyes | Easy Drawing

How To Draw Closed Eyes: Art exists in many forms and shapes. All these forms are quite attractive, fascinating, and fabulous. Each form has its unique and special aspects. Drawing is one of the interesting and amazing forms of art. It also has its unique and distinctive characteristics. The most famous peculiarity is to create a mind relaxation in the artists and viewers.

Using this mind-blowing activity, we are going to draw closed eyes on the piece of paper. The drawing will help beginners a lot to understand the complexity of this art.

Mandatory tools of the drawing process

Here is given the complete requirement of drawing the closed eyes. These tools are an integral part of the drawing process. Get assemble the given tools to best start the drawing.

  • Drawing paper
  • Drawing board
  • DOMS 4B pencil( zoom ultimate dark)
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • Measuring scale
  • Blending stump tool

Closed Eyes Drawing Step by Step Guide 

Here is given the detailed suggestions and hints for the drawing of the closed eyes. The guidance is simple and understandable. Do understand the comprehensive guide to get the best result of the drawing. Let’s turn to the process.

 Closed Eyes Drawing Step 1

Closed Eyes

Firstly set the drawing paper on the drawing board. Use a measuring scale and draw a straight horizontal line whose length is 16cm. Now mark two points on this line. The first points are at 6.5cm and the second point is at 9.5cm. Enlarge these points vertically. Mark two more points on the line on the left and right sides. To get the best out of this detailed step, follow the given picture above. These lines are the baselines for the eyes.

Closed Eyes Drawing  Step 2

How To Draw Closed Eyes

In the 2nd step of drawing, we are going to use the baselines. If you will see more clearly, you will observe quadratic lines. First, draw the right eyebrow. For this purpose, draw a line emerging from the central point of quadratic lines. Touching the central point, this line moves to the end of the horizontal line. Draw one more curved line over the previous line to complete the outline of an eyebrow. In the same way, draw the left-sided lines of the eyebrow. As you can see in the picture above.

Closed Eyes Drawing  Step 3

How To Draw Closed Eyes

In the 3rd, outline the closed eyelid. Give it a curved shape of an eye. Using the same method, draw the second line for the second eyelid. Now using an eraser, remove the baselines for a closed eye. As you can see in the given picture.

Closed Eyes Drawing  Step 4

How To Draw Closed Eyes

In the fourth step, thick the line of the eyelid that is closed in the given picture. Do the same with right and left eyes. Now draw a structural line for eyelash. Using this outer line, draw the hair of eyelashes of both eyes. Draw only the main lines of hair.

Closed Eyes Drawing  Step 5

How To Draw Closed Eyes

In this step, give a detailed look at the eyelashes of both eyes. First, remove the structural lines of the right and left eyelash. Trace each line for eyelashes’ hair with complete focus. Follow the given picture of step 5.

Closed Eyes Drawing  Step 6

How To Draw Closed Eyes

In the final step of the drawing process, complete the look of eyebrows. Draw the hairs of eyebrows using a thick pattern of the lining. Give a suitable shape and a proper look. Create a natural style of eyebrows.

Concentrate on the hairs of eyebrows also. Give a light shade of pencil at the corners of both eyes. Using a blending stump tool, blend the shading of eyes. Create softness in the eye shading. Must follow the final look in the given picture of the drawing.

The drawing process for the beautiful closed eyes is complete now. Must try this piece of art on your drawing paper.  Definitely, you will this masterpiece drawing of closed eyes.

Watch below step by step detailed process.


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