How To Draw A Girl Playing Guitar| Sexy Drawings

Girl Playing Guitar: Drawing is a creative artwork. It is a mind refreshing activity and needs some experience. Pencil drawing art doesn’t require expensive tools. It needs just simple tools. In this drawing, we are going to sketch out the girl playing guitar in simple and easy steps. This drawing is specially designed for beginners.

Required material To Draw A Girl Playing Guitar

There is no special material that is required for drawing a girl playing guitar. The required material is simple and accessible to everyone. Here is given below:

  • Drawing board
  • Drawing paper
  • DOMS ( Zoom ultimate dark) pencil
  • Compass
  • Eraser
  • Blending stump
  • Paintbrush or makeup brush
  • Scale
  • White pen

Step by step guidelines For Girl Drawing:

Here is a complete step by step guidance for drawing of a girl playing guitar. These easy steps are specially for beginners and definitely help you out to make drawing of girl playing guitar.

Girl Playing Guitar Step 1

Girl Playing Guitar

First of all set the paper on the drawing board. Draw a 9cm straight horizontal line. On the right side, draw a 7.7cm hypotenuse line. Trace 6.2cm hypotenuse line on the left side

Girl Playing Guitar Step 2

Girl Playing Guitar

Move to the left side. Draw a line of 7.3cm. Now trace another parallel line that has a 3.2cm length. Then draw another line of 3.1cm which will close the box.

Girl Playing Guitar Step 3

Girl Playing Guitar

In this step, draw a circle that has a radius of 1.6cm. Then draw two lines that are arising from the tip of the triangle. After that draw two more lines at the end of this line that is called the bridge saddle of the guitar. Erase the extra lines from these lines.

In this step, draw the bridge of the guitar that is attached to the bridge saddle. Outline the sound hold that is circular shaped.

After this, draw the fretboard that is consisting of frets and nuts. Now sketch out the headstock area which has machine heads on both sides. outline the soundboard and side body of the guitar. Follow the figure for better understanding.

Girl Playing Guitar Step 4

Girl Playing Guitar

After that draw the hairlines of the girl. Also, outline hair bun. After this draw the outline of the neck and shoulder area. Then draw the arm of the girl. Erase the additional lines.

Girl Playing Guitar Step 5

Girl Playing Guitar

In this step, draw the shape of fingers in this way that the hand touches the soundhole. Erase the extra lines in this drawing. After this draw the upper portion of the dress.

Girl Playing Guitar Step 6

Girl Playing Guitar

For hair lining, divide the hair into different portions. Draw lines in a very proper way to get a real image of hair. Also, draw circular-shaped hair in a hair bun. Then take a paintbrush and apply it to hair to give a smooth and shiny look.

Fill color in the guitar parts including, the lower bout, bridge, bridge saddle, soundhole, headstock, and neck. Trace a horizontal and vertical line to make the wall.

Then draw the flare of the frock with designs, small lines on the bottom of the flare, and also slightly shades this area. After this draw the legs and feet of the girl.

Girl Playing Guitar Step 7

Girl Playing Guitar

In this step take a blending stump. Apply it on arm to blend it properly. Blend the neck area. Move to the lower portion and blend the flare of frock properly.

Then thick the outlining of dress and guitar. After this blend the feet to show the real image. Now move to the wall and blend it with the blending stump.

Girl Playing Guitar Step 8

Girl Playing Guitar

Take a white pen and draw vertical and horizontal lines to make strings and fret markers. Then thick the outlines of tuning keys and headstock. Moving to the lower bottom area of the frock.

Draw two thick lines with zig-zag fashion and fill the space with a pencil. On the upper side of this, draw one more line which should be evident. Slightly shades the lowermost area of dress. Finally, the picture of the girl playing the guitar is ready to see.

 Watch Below easy steps to make this beautiful drawing of a girl playing the guitar.



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