How To Draw A Girl Face | No 1 Easy Drawing

Draw a Girl Face: Today we will make a drawing of the girl’s face. This beautiful drawing is very simple. If you also want to know how to draw a beautiful girl Face, then follow the steps given below.

Before you start drawing I want to tell you what items we will need for this drawing.


Required Material To Draw a Girl Face:

For face drawing, you need some requirements that are given below.

  • Paper For Drawing
  • Drawing board
  • DOMS 4B pencil
  • One Eraser
  • One Sharpener
  • One small Scale
  • Cotton

First Step To Draw a Girl Face

First we will draw a line with a drawing paper pencil with scale. And the vertical of this line will form three small lines. As you guys are shown in the picture below.

Draw a Girl Face The distance between these three lines should be the same as shown in the video below or written in this picture.


Step Two To Draw A Girl Face

In the second step you will draw the girl’s eyes and eyebrows۔

The big line we drew on the drawing paper and drew three more lines vertically. Make eyebrows on the top of the three lines and draw the eye on the second line. This is also what I mentioned in the video




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