How To Draw a Bird Inside Bulb in 8 easy steps

Little Bird Inside Bulb Drawing : Sketching helps to increase our creativity and improves our holistic health. Most artists use it to record their imaginations, observations, and ideas. It helps us to think in a strategic way and increase our communication skills. It is the best way to express your imaginations and feelings.

We are going to make a birds freedom awareness drawing, an amazing imagination of a little bird inside the bulb. Bird drawing shows the lake of freedom, necessary for birds. Here we will describe some essential and basic steps to make birds freedom awareness drawing.

Required material

Here is some basic material we have use to make drawing of Bird Inside Bulb .

  1. DOMS( Zoom Ultimate Dark) pencil
  2. Drawing paper
  3. Drawing board
  4. Blended stump
  5. Compass
  6. Eraser
  7. Yellow gel pen
  8. Orange gel pen
  9. Yellow pencil color
  10. Black pencil

Step by step guidance

Bird Inside Bulb drawing is completely designed for beginners. Here is a complete step by step guidance for beginners.

Our video tutorial on birds freedom awareness drawing is also pinned at the end of these given steps. Let’s start  drawing of Bird Inside Bulb with these easy steps.

Step 1

Bird Inside Bulb

First of all fix the paper on the drawing board. Take a compass and adjust a pencil in it. Now open the compass. Draw a circle that has a 3.7cm radius.

Now draw a rectangle shape on the upper side of the circle. The length of the rectangle is 1.5cm and the width is 2cm. The distance between the rectangle and the circle is 1cm.

Step 2

Birds Freedom Awareness Drawing | Bird Inside Bulb

On the upper side of the rectangle, draw an electrical foot contact. Then draw lines that are emerging from the rectangle corners and meeting with the circle. Now erase about 1.5cm from the upper portion of the circle and thick the outline of the bulb. As shown in the figure.

Step 3

Bird Inside Bulb Drawing

Now erase the vertical lines of the rectangle to draw the shape of the cap as shown above in the figure.

Step 4

Bird Inside Bulb Drawing

Now draw the cap of the bulb. Cap can be made by drawing very thin horizontal lines. Then move to the lower side of the gas bulb and draw some lines in this shape that will look like cracks in the glass. You can follow the figure for a better understanding.

Step 5

Bird Inside Bulb Drawing



Now move inside towards the sparrow. First of all, outline the belly and tail. Then draw the head region and beak of the sparrow. Now draw the wings and legs as shown above in the figure.

Step 6

Bird Inside Bulb Drawing


On the lower end of the outlined bulb, make plasma tube in the form of spring that is attached with back circuit of the bulb. Erase the extra lines for neat and clean drawing.

Step 8

Bird Inside Bulb Drawing

Color the Bird Inside Bulb

Now it’s time to color the bird. First of all we will take a lighter orange color and fill it in the sparrow’s body. Then rub this color with tissue paper and give it a smooth colored look.

Take an orange gel pen and fill this color in beak and apply black color in the eye and little bit to the end of wings of sparrow as shown in figure.

Now take Zoom dark pencil and fill in the crack area darkly. Now shades with this in all areas of the bulb. Then take a tissue paper and rub in the gas filling area.

Now erase some shaded area on both sides of the glass bulb to give an ideal look as shown in the figure. You can see pure white lines in the bulb. Then take a blending stump and blend wires, plasma tube bulb circuit and cap areas properly to show the real image.

Here is our complete video tutorial on Bird Inside Bulb drawing for complete explanation of steps.

Final Instructions

Here are the following instructions that should be kept in mind during drawing the Bird Inside Bulb .

  1. Blending should be in a proper way. You have to learn about blending methods. Proper blending is crucial for good drawing of Bird Inside Bulb .
  2. Learn the right way to shade any object. Shading matters a lot in drawing Quality of drawing depends upon the shading.
  3. After completing, recheck your drawing thoroughly.
  4. You have to get knowledge of quality of a good pencil. Your drawing pencil should be of good quality.




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