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Unique home decoration craft 

Home is one of the great blessings of God. A place where we live with our family and parents must be clean and well decorated. Cleanliness leaves a good effect on the minds. It refreshes the moods and behaviors of the residents.

Home decoring is an art. It reflects the interests and preferences of women. Not only it is an art but also fun to use different ideas with your homes.

Here we will discuss the home decoration ideas that can help the housewives and working women equally. Because the ways are so simple to learn, to apply, and to decorate the world’s best place “home”.

Let’s discuss these ideas step by step with the required tool that is necessary for decoration.

Required material for home decoration


  1. Paper of different colors ( orange, green, pink)
  2. Glue
  3. Scissors
  4. Pencil
  5. Base to draw circle shapes of small and large size
  6. Acrylic paint with blue color

Step by Step guidelines for home decoration craft

              Step 1

home decoration craft

Take a circled shape hard paper base. Paint it with blue acrylic color. As shown in the figure of step 1.

           Step 2

home decoration craft

Take a pink colored paper. Draw circles on the paper by using a bangle and a pencil. You can use an alternate for a bangle. Cut the circle shapes out of paper. Fold it according to the figure and attach it’s both sides by using glue. Prepare the cones as your requirements.

            Step 3

home decoration craft

Now take a green colored paper. Draw circles on it as per your need. Cut the circles with the scissors. Now cut these circles in the circular movement keeping in mind that the cutting would not dispatch from the first circle. Now fold in the given style and attach its folding to the last corner. The flowers shown in the figure are ready now.

             Step 4

home decoration craft

Now draw a square shape on the green paper. Cut the shape from the paper. Now again cut it in crooked style. Make layers by folding as shown in the picture. Fold it from the center and attach both sides with glue. The given shaped petals are ready to use.

           Step 5

home decoration craft

Now we are going to make an orange flower as shown in the figure. Take a paper orange-colored now. Draw circles on the paper and cut them. Fold each circle twice. Cut the outer sides with scissors to give them a zig-zag shape. Open the folding now. Cut one, two, three lines from 3 flowers respectively. Roll them with glue and attach all prepared flowers into one flower. Follow the figure above.

Step 6

home decoration craft

Arrange the pink flowers one by one on the circle-shaped hard paper base. Now by using any adhesive glue, attach the orange flower and its petals to the base. Attach green flowers to the remaining parts of the base. On the backside of the base, attach a wall hanging string.

A wall hanging is ready to hang on. This is one of the best ideas among home decoration ideas.

Basic instructions regarding home decorations

  1. Try not to cover the wall completely. It would present a rough overview.
  2. Select the wall for wall hanging items that are in your pathways like near stairs, doorways, or corridors.
  3. Choose the colors that suit your walls paint.
  4. Use the 60-30-10 rule while decorating your home.
  5. Use all designing elements in your designs.
  6. Create the principle of balance in your decorations.
  7. To create flow in your decorations, select your favorite design, and apply it to your living space.
  8. Don’t try to make your house a cookie house with over decorations.
  9. If you want to start your home decorations, start from your bedroom.
  10. Be a bit critical to take an overview of your designs.

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