Halloween Drawings | Easy Drawing Tutorials

Halloween Drawings: Halloween is celebrated as a holiday on 31 October every year. It is a traditional holiday and it is celebrated in several western Christian countries. This occasion is celebrated since ancient times when people wear costumes to head off ghosts.

In this Halloween drawing, we are going to draw a cute witch girl with a broom and pumpkin.

Required material For Halloween Drawings

Below is the list of used materials to make this Halloween drawing. The required material is simple and easily accessible to everyone. The material is given below here.

  • Drawing paper
  • Drawing board
  • Paintbrush
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Blended stump
  • Tissue paper for blending
  • Eraser
  • Graphite pencil: DACO 8B (the grey pencil) for dark areas.
  • Faber castell grip 2001 2B( for light areas)

Step by step guidance:

There is a complete step by step guidelines. Each step is described in complete detail.

Halloween Drawings Step 1

Halloween Drawings

In the first step of this drawing, set the drawing paper on board. Draw a 16cm vertical straight line. Mark two points on this line. The first mark at 6.5cm and the second is at 12.6cm in length. To draw the face, draw a half-circle on the first point. Follow the above figure.

Halloween Drawings Step 2

Halloween Drawings

In the second step draw the shape of which hat. Trace a wide brim and a conical crown on the upper side of the hat. You can see the above in the figure.

Halloween Drawings Step 3

Halloween Drawings

Draw the neckline and collar of the dress. After this draw the sleeves, arm, and hand of the girl. Now draw a broom that should be in the hand of the girl. After this, draw the handle of the broom and then its lower parts as can been shown above in the figure.

After that, draw the lower portion of the dress. Then move to the right side and draw the arm of the girl. Trace the shape of the pumpkin that is in the hand of the girl. Follow the above figure.

Halloween Drawings Step 4

Halloween Drawings

In this step of drawing, outline the legs and shoes of the girl. Move to the face and draw eyes and circular lenses inside the eyes. Fill black color in eye lenses. Then mark the nose and lip area. Then erase the additional lines of the drawing. Also shown above in the image.

Halloween Drawings Step 5

Halloween Drawings

After drawing this, take a graphite powder and apply it on the upper and back portion of the dress. Then apply it on the lower portion of the dress. Slightly apply it on arms and hands to give a real look. After that, draw lines on the pumpkin with a blending stump. Lightly blend the legs and shoes.

Halloween Drawings Step 6

Halloween Drawings

Shades in the hat of the girl. Try to color darkly. Then Apply color on the handle of the broom and shoes of the girl. Also shades in the jacket of girl. Follow the above figure for better understanding.

Halloween Drawing Step 7

Halloween Drawings

Take a blended stum and blend the color that was applied on the hat. Blend it properly. Then trace horizontal lines on legs with a blended stump. Then again fill black color in the hat. Give proper the pumpkin by drawing eyes, nose, and lip. Follow the above figure.

Cut a circular shaped paper and place it on the left side of the girl. Now take a tissue paper. Place a graphite powder on it and rub the tissue paper on all the pages. Pick the circular paper on the side. This area will be white. Rub the tissue paper on some points to show clouds.

Take a black pencil and draw small birds inside this circular area. Finally, a cute witch girl with a broom and pumpkin is ready to see. We have pinned our complete video tutorial below, for your better help in Halloween drawing.



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