Girls Drawing Taking Selfie| Easy Pencil Drawing

Girls Drawing Taking Selfie: Drawing is an amazing kind of art that is used to create amazing objects. In the drawing, the creative process is completed on the piece of drawing paper. The medium of drawing is as simple as drawing itself.

The simple form of art, “drawing” is an easy and affordable art. The more it is simple, the more it is accessible.

In this section, we are going to draw such a simple and amazing object. We are talking about the drawing of a girl taking selfies. Let’s go for the complete process.

Requirements for drawing a girl

  • Drawing paper and drawing board
  • DOMS 4B pencil( zoom ultimate dark)
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • Scale
  • Blending stump tool

Easy steps guidelines

Here is given the complete guide for girls drawing taking selfies. Follow the given instructions and pictures to make amazing girls drawing taking selfies. 

Girls Drawing Taking Selfie Step 1

Girls Drawing Taking Selfie

Set your drawing paper on the drawing board. Using scale and DOMS 4B pencil, draw a rectangle of 7cm × 8.5cm measurement. Now draw another rectangle with the right side of the 1st rectangle. The 2nd rectangle is of 1.7cm × 4.5cm measurement.

Draw a circle on the upper side of the 1st rectangle, whose radius is 3cm. The difference between the circle and the rectangle is 2.3cm. Then draw another rectangular shape whose measurement is 5.2cm × 2.8cm.

Get a better understanding of the shapes, accurate positions, and their measurements by following the picture of step 1.

Girls Drawing Taking Selfie Step 2

Girls Drawing Taking Selfie

In step 2, make the corners of the central rectangle, soft. Now remove the sharp corners of the shape. Following the baselines of the head, outline the head, forehead, neck, and face. Then start drawing ear lines and earrings of the girl.

Draw eyelashes and eyebrows. Trace the pony and long hair outlines of the girl according to the given picture. Using an eraser, remove the extra circle.

Girls Drawing Taking Selfie Step 3

Girls Drawing Taking Selfie

In this Cool Drawing step, thick the shade of eyelashes and eyebrow. Draw eyelash properly. Now following the baselines draw the waist of the girl. In the same way, draw the shoulder and arms lines for the body. Now holding a mobile phone, draw the hand and fingers of the girl.

Trace the lines for fingers and arms. Remove the baselines with an eraser. Draw the shape of nails on the fingers as shown in the given picture. Remove extra lines from the drawing. Start to draw lines In the hairs of the girl.

Girls Drawing Taking Selfie Step 4

Girls Drawing Taking Selfie

In the 4th step, draw the shoulder of the dress now. Remove the additional lines from the drawing paper. Start coloring in the nails of the girl. Give the dark color of the pencil to fill the nails. Create shine in nails.

Now draw a ring around the finger of the girl. Draw front and back camera mirror on the mobile phone. The girl is holding an Apple phone as the logo of the company is visible on the mobile device.

Start tracing hairs. Create hair effects in each line and layer of the hair. Use a specific technique for the tracing of hairs. Create a shiny and silky look of hair.

Girls Drawing Taking Selfie Step 5

Girls Drawing Taking Selfie

In the last and final step of the drawing of a girl, shade the other parts of the body like eyelids, arms, fingers, neck ear, and elbow. Blend it using a blending stump tool. The blending process creates softness in shading.

Fill out the logo of Apple on the mobile phone. Give dark shade to the dress of the girl. Now blend it with a blending stump tool. Fill the hairband with the dark color of the pencil. Also, blend and merge it.

The drawing of a beautiful girl taking a selfie is finished now. Watch below our complete video for girls drawing taking selfies.


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