Girl Swinging In A Tree | Free Learn Drawing

Girl Swinging In A Tree |  Free Learn Drawing

Here we are going to make an amazing drawing or sketch of a girl swinging in a tree.

Sketching is a visual art work. It connects our hands and minds together. Pencil sketching has a lot of importance. We have to know about the some basic skills like lights, shadows, spaces.

Your blending techniques should be very good and unique. You have to use the best pencil for sketching because every lead pencil is not good for sketching.

In design and development process sketching is the most crucial part for an artist. Sketching resolves many problems in our society or help to give new ideas. It increases the individual confidence and also give relief from stress.

Required material:

DOMS( zoom ultimate dark) pencil
Tissue paper

Basic guidelines to draw girl swinging in a tree

Here we will discuss each step in detail and guide you in a proper way so that you are able to make good sketching. Below are describes some basic guidelines to draw a girl swinging in a tree. Here are just some basic and essential steps. You can see the whole procedure to draw a girl swinging a tree in the given below video.

Step 1

Girl Swinging In A Tree

First of all take a board and adjust the paper on it. Draw a circle. The radius of a circle should be 7.5cm, by using a compass.

Step 2

Girl Swinging In A Tree


Now draw a curved line on the lower side of the the circle that will be converted into a ground place. Then draw a stem of a tree. Now draw branches of a tree that looks like arise from the main stem.

Step 3

Girl Swinging In A Tree


Now draw two parallel lines for making the swing of a girl to the lower side. Draw the girl sketch sitting on the swing who is enjoying her ride on the swing. Give a flying look to the girl on the swing.

Step 4

Girl Swinging In A Tree


Now take a piece of paper and draw a circle of 2.5cm radius with the help of a compass. Circularly cut the paper. Then sharp the pencil with a sharpener, collect the black powder of a pencil. Now take the white circular piece of paper and place it in the mid of the drawing. Take a tissue paper. Transfer this powder on it and rub it on the drawing properly to give a real look of the night. The purpose of the rounded cut paper is that we don’t want to give color on this part. Now erase the outer line with the help of eraser. Now this look will be formed.

Step 5

Girl Swinging In A Tree

Now on the lower half side, draw a thick outline with a pencil. Now blend the inner part or ground piece. Rub the tissue paper on this part for more blending. Then color in the stem of the tree with a lead pencil. Stem color should be dark. Also, fill the color in stem branches. Apply black color in girls’ hair and also in her dress. Make clear outlines again.

Step 6

Girl Swinging In A Tree

Draw small plants on the base of tree. Draw leaves and Make branches of tree. Draw a thick outline of leaves and blend these outlines properly. The outline should be dark.

Step 7

Girl Swinging In A Tree

Draw the sketches of birds flying in the air. Now blend color in leaves properly with less pencil to give a clear look of the leaf. You can use a white gel pencil to make this sketch more attractive.

Now the painting of alone girl swinging in a tree is ready now.

Some Basic Instructions

These are the some Basic instructions that should be keep in mind during sketching:
Try to avoid smudging during stretching or drawing. You can place a piece of tissue paper or paper below your hand. So you will be able to get the clean and shiny look of your artwork.
Try to control your edges in a proper way.
Blend the picture in a right way to show the reality illusion.

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