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Girl Playing The Violin: Love is Art and I Love Drawing. Drawing a scene with the help of colors is something that excites the feelings, moods, and joys of human beings. Colors create a soothing, relaxing, and relieving touch in life. What if there would be no colors in life? Completely, the world would be a dull and boring kind of thing.

Here we are going to draw a girl playing the violin on a moonlight night. We will use colors to create a thrilling effect on our painting. To draw the girl playing the violin, here are given important material and easy steps guidance of the complete process.

Required materials for Painting of a girl playing the violin:

Here we used the given below basic material to make a painting of a girl playing the violin.

  • Drawing paper along with drawing board
  • DOMS pencil(Zoom ultimate dark)
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • Scale
  • Tissue paper
  • Cotton buds
  • Masking tape
  • Compass
  • Colors ( pale blue, sky blue, cobalt blue, Prussian blue, raw sienna, red, black, burnt umber, and gray )

6 Easy Steps Guidance to Draw a girl playing the violin:

Here are we will describe some important steps to make this painting. For a proper explanation of steps, you can visit our provided video tutorial on the painting of a girl playing the violin.

Draw a Pencil Sketch Step 1

Girl Playing Violin

Firstly set your paper on the drawing board. Draw a straight vertical line in the middle of the paper by using a scale. This is a baseline for the dress and body of the girl. Following this baseline, draw the front side and back layer of the flying dress. Draw the upper portion of the body of the girl. Draw lines for hair. Trace the outlines of arms. Keep in mind that the girl is holding a violin and playing notes on the musical instrument. As shown in the figure.

Fill Red Color Step 2

Girl Playing Violin

Now draw the flying layers of the dress of the girl. Create a rock under the feet of the girl. Take a compass and draw a circle around the girl as shown in the figure above. Take a black oil pastel color and color it in the front half part of the dress. Now take the red color and fill it in the remaining portion of the dress. Fill red color in the layers of the dress. Now start blending. For this purpose, take a tissue paper and fold it thrice. Rub it on the dress to create a plain effect.

How to draw backgrounds Step 3

Girl Playing Violin

Fill the red pencil color in the back flying layers of the dress of the girl. Thick the outlines of the dress. Now by using gray oil pastel, create light shades in the circle shape. This shape is reflecting the moon. Blend its coloring tone by using cotton buds. As shown in the given picture.

Make it 3d Step 4

Girl Playing Violin

Thick the outlines of arms with a black color pencil. Fill the light peach color in the skin like the arms and neck of the girl. Thick the outlines of flying hair. Fill the dark black color in the upper head. Now fill the black color on one side of the violin.

Color Background Step 5

Girl Playing Violin

Now using pale blue color, fill the outer side of the circle in a circular motion. Fill the sky blue color to the outer side of the pale blue coloring. Attach masking tape to four sides of the drawing paper. Now fill black color to the four corners of the paper. As you can see in the given picture.

Complete Your Painting Step 6

Girl Playing Violin

Now fill the cobalt blue to the outer side of the blue sky coloring. In the next round, fill Prussian blue to the corners of the paper. Blend and mix it with black color. Take a tissue paper folding and rub it on the pale blue color to smooth its transition. In the same way, create soft textures of coloring into other colored parts. Fill the burnt umber and raw sienna colors in the rock piece that is under the feet of the girl.

The drawing of “A beautiful girl playing the violin in the moonlight night” is ready now. For More Best Drawing Ideas Please Bookmark C4crafts.

Watch our given video tutorial on a girl playing the violin for a detailed explanation.

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