Girl Face Sketch | Easy Drawing Steps

 Girl Face | Easy Drawing Steps

Beautiful girl face sketch is an amazing sketching collection. Pencil sketching is used to create the simplest but fascinating and attractive forms of art. In pencil sketching, you don’t need additional colors or material to complete your desired shapes. The basics you require is just a pencil and paper. Arrange these two things and get start your sketching.

In this section of art, we are going to draw a beautiful girl face sketch by using a pencil sketch art. So what are you waiting for? Let’s switch to our sketching.

Required material for girl face sketch

Here is some necessary material to have girl face sketch.

DOMS pencil (zoom ultimate dark)


Drawing paper

Drawing board

Blending stump tool/cotton buds/paintbrush


7 easy steps to draw girl face sketch

Guidance is an essential component of learning. Without this important element, you can’t learn something new. So if you are vigorous to know how to draw a girl’s face with a pencil, stay connected to our writings and follow the given steps below.

Step 1           

Girl Face Sketch

Set your drawing paper on the drawing board. Draw the baselines to make outlines for the face.

Step 2

Girl Face Sketch

Now following the baselines, draw the nose, lip line, eyebrows, eyelashes, eye puppets, and face outline. After drawing the basic shapes, use an eraser, and remove the baselines.

Step 2

Girl Face Sketch

To draw the lips of the girl, first, draw the centerline of lips. Now by using the centerline, create an upper and lower lip. Remove the baseline of the nose after using it.

Step 3

Girl Face Sketch


 By using a scale, draw a rectangular-shaped baseline for the glasses of the girl. It is about 7.3cm wide and 2.7 cm in length.

Step 4

Girl Face Sketch

By using the baseline, draw glasses of the girl as shown in the figures of step 4.

Step 5

Girl Face Sketch

 After completing the glasses, draw neck and hair outlines. Now make the eye lens dark. As shown in the figure.

Step 6

Girl Face Sketch

Draw the earring of the girl on one side. Make eyebrows clear by giving them a thick shade. Now draw eyelines clear and visible. Start shading in the lips of the girl. Thick the outline of the chin. Color dark shade in the one shoulder of the girl as shown in the picture above.

Step 7


 To start shading in the hair of the girl, create layers of the hairs. Start shading from the central part of the head. Move your pencil from the top to the lower side again and again. Complete the shading of one half of the hair. Leave some space between shading to create a shiny look in the hair of the girl. Follow the given figure.

Thick the outlines of the hair and eyes. Give dark shade to the frame of the glasses to make it clear and visible. Now finally start blending to get a fine composition of shadings. You can also use cotton buds or a paintbrush for this purpose.

A beautiful girl face sketch is ready now. This beautiful girl face sketch will add a new and amazing sketch picture in your sketching collection.

Useful tips for beginners to start pencil sketching

  1. Win complete control over your pencil.
  2. Make your grip on your tools stronger.
  3. Get sound knowledge about sketching before you get started.
  4. The element of repetition in your sketching can help out.
  5. The principle of the emphasis on a particular object will guide you to complete your sketching.
  6. To get fine results of your learning, draw an object again and again.
  7. Set your targeted achievements.
  8. Do your practice according to the schedule, thrice a week, or daily in a week.
  9. Observe your improvement. Always take an overview when finishing it.
  10. Excitement for learning new things in pencil sketching will put you one step closer to mastery level.

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