Friendship Day Drawing | Learn Drawing In Easy Steps

Friendship Day Drawing: Drawing a colorful object is so easy and understandable for its viewers. Here we going are to complete such an easy and colorful drawing.

We are going to make a friendship day drawing. This friendship day drawing is reflecting the love and respect of two close friends.

Requirements for drawing

Here we will need some basic tools to complete this friendship day drawing.

  1. Drawing paper and drawing board
  2. DOMS pencil

( zoom ultimate dark)

  1. Eraser
  2. Sharpener
  3. Color pencils
  4. Color markers
  5. Black pointer

Step by step guidelines

Here we will describe some basic and essential steps to make this friendship day drawing. Here is we will give a basic review of some basic and important steps.

You can visit our pinned video on friendship day drawing to have a complete explanation at the end of these basic steps.

Step 1

Friendship Day Drawing

Set your drawing paper on the drawing board. Draw a vertical line in the center of the page has a length of 17cm by using a scale.

Now draw three parallel horizontal lines on the vertical line. The horizontal lines are 4.8cm on the right side and 4cm on the left side. These are the baselines for drawing friends.

Now draw the arm and hand of the girl according to the baselines. As shown in the figure.

Step 2

Friendship Day Drawing

Next, draw another outline for the arm and the hands. Draw a wristwatch string on the arm of one girl. In the same way, draw another string on the other girl’s arm. Draw a circle of 2cm radius on the left side of the baseline.

Now using this circle, outline hair. Remember that the girl’s face is on the other side. As shown in the figure above.

Step 3

Friendship Day Drawing

Now draw two parallel lines on the vertical line. The length of the 1st line is 4.6 cm and the 2nd line is 4cm. The difference between these lines reflects the waist of the girl.

Now attach the 1st line to the arm and hand from both corners. Draw two curved lines to the inner side of the vertical line. Its breadth is different on the two points. It is 6cm and 5.5cm respectively.

These lines are the baselines of the trousers of the girl. Now trace the belt and pockets on the backside of the trousers. Draw the head of the other girl on the right side of the vertical line. As shown in the following picture.

Step 4

Friendship Day Drawing

Draw hairpins or hair bands on the hair of the girls. Now draw the straight hair of the 2nd girl. Also, outline the dress and trousers. By using an eraser, remove the extra vertical and baselines of the drawing.

Take a black pointer. Thick the outlines of the whole drawing by using a black pointer. Draw small sized heart pattern in the dress of the 2nd girl.

Now trace horizontal thick lines in the shirt of the 1st girl to create a pattern. Fill the red color in the hairband of the 2nd color. Do fill the same color in the trousers of the same girl.

Now take a blue color marker and fill it in the trousers of the 1st girl. Leave the belt of white color. Thick the outlines of the pockets with the black pointer. Draw small dots on the pockets.

Step 5

Friendship Day Drawing

Now fill the purple color in the belt of the trousers. Also, fill it in the wristwatch and the hairband. Take the green color and fill it in the hairband around the purple coloring. Fill the yellow color in the shirt of the 2nd girl.

Now take a brown color pencil. Shade the arm lines with it. Fill the brown color in the hair of the girls. Fill the skin color in the skin parts of the girls like waist, arms, and hands.

Now draw layers in the hair of the girls using black color. Shade the hair in black color. Draw bracelets of the girls with a black pencil. Write the word “best friends” on the arms of the girls as shown in the above picture.

Finally, friendship day drawing is in front of you. Below we have pinned our video tutorial.





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