Flower Drawing | Now Free Learn How To Draw Flower

Flower Drawing: Today we are going to make unique and wonderfully designed flowers filled basket. These below steps are specially described for the ease of beginners.

We have previously written an article on a rose drawing. You can also check that. We hope that beginners will find these steps easy and suitable to make flowers filled basket.

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Required Tool For Flower Drawing:

Material is simple and can be easily available to everyone. The material is here given below.

  • Drawing board
  • Drawing paper
  • DOMS ( Zoom ultimate dark) pencil
  • Eraser
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Staedtler watercolor pencils (yellow-green, red, orange, violet, brown, dark brown, pink cobalt blue, and sky blue).

7 easy steps Flower Drawing guidance:

There is detailed step by step guidance about this drawing. This drawing is designed for beginners who have no experience in this field. Just carefully follow each step in this drawing to get the desired results.

Flower Drawing Step 1

Flower Drawing| Now Free Learn How To Draw Flower

Set the paper on board. To draw a flower basket, first of all, draw a small horizontal straight line. Draw two curved lines on both ends of this horizontal line. Erase a very small line in the center and trace two vertical parallel lines in a downward direction.

In this way, it will divide them into two pieces. After this, move to the lower side of the horizontal line and draw a curved line below this. As shown above in the figure. 

Flower Drawing Step 2

Flower Drawing| Now Free Learn How To Draw Flower

Remove the upper horizontal line. After this, draw double parallel lines as shown above in figure. This is the lower part of the basket. You can see the above in the figure.

Start from the lower part of the basket. Draw small or oval-shaped designs. Then remove the extra lines. Move to the upper side, and make a design on the basket. Follow the figure for better understanding.

Flower Drawing Step 3

Flower Drawing| Now Free Learn How To Draw Flower    

Draw design on the lower side of the basket. Trace two parallel curved lines to draw a handle of a basket. After this, draw flowers in a basket. Erase a small amount of line on the basket. To draw flowers, draw five or six petals in each flower. You can follow the figure.

Flower Drawing Step 4

Flower Drawing| Now Free Learn How To Draw Flower

Now draw more flowers. Draw two whorls of petals then draw the pedicles of flower and leaves. Follow the above figure.

In this step draw some closed flowers also which are newly formed and not opened yet. Now move to the left side of the basket and draw flowers with only a single whorl of petals. After this attach pedicles with all flowers by drawing it. Draw the different shapes of the leaves.

Flower Drawing Step 5

Flower Drawing| Now Free Learn How To Draw Flower

In this step fill color in flowers. First of all, take a sky blue color and shades in two flowers that are on the right side. Then apply cobalt blue color on the same flowers. Thick the outlines with this color and then blend this color with sky blue color. In this way, two shades will be formed in these petals. One is dark share and the other is a light shade.

Apply red color on the central flowers. Thick the petals of flowers with this color. Shade this color to the outer edges of petals. In this way, two shades will be formed. Now take a brown color. Draw stamens to the inner side of petals.

Take a violet color and apply it to flowers. Now move to the left side flowers and shades pink color in petals and yellow-green in stamens. Apply green color on pedicles and leaves. Also, draw veins in broad leaves.

Shades brown and dark brown color in a basket by following the picture. Finally, wonderful flowers filled basket by pencil sketch is ready to see above in figure.

Watch below our complete video tutorial on flower drawing.




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