Father’s Day Drawing | Easy Steps Drawing

Father’s Day Drawing | Easy Steps Drawing

Drawing is a fantastic kind of art in its nature. Art lovers love to describe their imagines through creativity. Usually Drawing art experts try to show the imaginary scenes. Drawing is a stunning kind of art.

Through drawings some people relives the stress of their mind and some adopt to it to earn. Usually drawing experts are nature lover an love to make imaginary drawings. Drawing covers all the aspects of life in its range.

We are going to make a stunning father’s day drawing. The best imaginary and emotional scene of father’s day drawing representing the daughter’s love to his father.

 Below we will describe the required material and basic steps for father’s day drawing.


Required material:

  1. DOMS(zoom ultimate dark) pencil
  2. Drawing paper
  3. Drawing Board
  4. Scale
  5. Eraser
  6. Blending stump

Step by Step guidance:

Here we are going to provide step by step guidance for father’s day drawing. Below we will describe some basic steps for father’s day drawing. If somehow you fail to understand these steps you can get help below in given video tutorial.

Step 1

Father's day drawing

First of all, take a board and adjust the drawing paper on it. Draw a triangular shape on it

Step 2

Father's day drawing

Then draw a parallel line on the right side of then hypotenuse line. Other lines will be parallel to the baseline. Draw a horizontal line in the mid of the triangle. Follow the figure and draw lines the same as this.

Now start from the left side of the paper and draw a shape likely to alphabet G. You can see in the figure. G shape will be formed. This will be converted into the backside of the man.

Draw the outlines of the shoes and legs of the man.

Step 3

Father's day drawing

Now draw the arm of man. Also, draw the girl’s arm and hand on the upper side of the man’s arm.

Now draw the flare of the frock. Then draw the small legs of a girl. After this draw the shape of shoes. Draw a small horizontal line on the lower half side of the leg.

In this way, it looks like that girl wears socks. Now move to the upper side and outline girls’ hair. Then outline the man’s head as shown in the figure clearly. Now erase the extra lines with an eraser because clear outlines are obtained now.

Step 4

Father's day drawing

Now fill the color in man’s shoes with lead pencil Then fill it in girls’ shoes. After this these shoes will be in pure black color. Now make the hands of the man on the head of the girl. Draw a hair ribbon on the girl’s head.

Move to the left side of the paper, draw the sketch of the collar on the backside of the neck and draw lines on pants and shirts to show the clear image of his dress. Then take a blending stump and blend the outlines of the girl’s leg.

Step 8

Father's day drawing

Make dots on the hair ribbon. Make a design on frocks. Draw clear dots on the whole frock to show a beautiful look.

Step 9

Father's day drawing

Now draw correct lines behind the hair ribbon to make hairs beautiful. Then draw small mall hairs the hair will look like a baby cut.

Now fill color in man’s dress. Then blend it with a blended stump. Blended stump blend the objects in a very good way. It changes the drawing into an adorable picture in a very neat and clean way

Now again draw lines on outlines to get a clear look at the picture. Then sketch hairs on man’s head with a very thin sharp pencil. Clear the outlines of hair. Now the stretching is ready for the father and his daughter.

Father’s day drawing is in front of you. Father’s day drawing is showing the love of daughter to his father. You can get the explanation for given steps in the given below video.




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